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atmasambandha slides

Ātma Sambandha (Leeds 2018 lecture)

Here presenting the handouts for the Sunday whole-day-lecture, in the Leeds International Vedic Astrology Conference. For more information about the...

Venus and relationships: part 6 of 6

Venus and relationships: part 5 of 6

Venus and relationships part 4 of 6

Venus and relationships part 3 of 6

Leeds International Vedic Astrology Conference: From basic concepts to spiritual knowledge

Leeds Vedic Astrology A4 Flyer Oct 2018

Venus and relationships part 2 of 6

Venus and relationships: part 1 of 6

RAMA webinars reduced fee

Happy Holidays to all! As a holiday special, all the webinars at have been reduced to EUR 12 €...

Great American Eclipse

As a Jyotiṣa, it is our duty to examine the charts of influential rulers, as their charts mark as an indicator for the karmas to be experienced by the country. Given that the future solar eclipse, on the 21st of August, occurs directly upon the Lagna of Donald Trump, this marks an important turning point in his destiny, which will affect the entire USA, and its dependents.

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