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Venus and relationships: part 6 of 6

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Sounds of mantra Part 1: Agnipurāṇa

Introduction In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God and God was the Word – John...

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Trump and the Eclipse

In the previous article ‘Great American Eclipse‘, it was concluded that: …we are to expect that the next six months...

Great American Eclipse

As a Jyotiṣa, it is our duty to examine the charts of influential rulers, as their charts mark as an indicator for the karmas to be experienced by the country. Given that the future solar eclipse, on the 21st of August, occurs directly upon the Lagna of Donald Trump, this marks an important turning point in his destiny, which will affect the entire USA, and its dependents.

LK Advani

Grahana – Pata Gochara (nodal transits) [revised]

Solar and Lunar eclipses occur every six months, with both eclipses occurring within fifteen days of each other. These two close eclipses, their time of occurrence and the rāśi/nakṣatra of the luminaries during both events, are most relevant for analysis, and make changes in the destiny of man, both individually and globally. The analysis of eclipses adds significant relevance to the use of nodes transit in the zodiac.

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