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गरुड garuḍa
From gṝ meaning devourer.
Relates to the all pervading rays of the Sun.


This section is an Online Book Section wherein I publish translations and commentaries on various books and scriptures. This section serves as a means to share some of the teachings that I have acquired through the travels with my Guru through the scriptural resources available in the market today.

This section includes translations, commentaries and chart examples using well known jyotiṣa and allied scriptures as a resource.


Mahābharata astrological phenomena

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Mahābharata, a work of Śrī Vedavyāsa, is an Ithihasa, or account of former events, on the epic battle which laid the foundation for the current era or Kali Yuga. Dating Mahābharata has been attempted by several scholars in modern times. Attempts have been made using archaeology, historical accounts, and most prominently Jyotish, i.e. astrology and astronomy. The dating of the Mahābharata is an important exercise for astrologers as the event succeeded the births of several celestial incarnations such as the five Pandavas, Śrī Balarāma and most prominently Śrī Kṛṣṇa himself.

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