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गरुड garuḍa
From gṝ meaning devourer.
Relates to the all pervading rays of the Sun.


Under the guidance and tutelage of my Guru, Shri Sanjay Rath, I have had the good fortune of being presented with some great secrets on the subject of Jyotish, wherein the subjects of Mantra Shastra, Yantra, Veda, Purana, Hora, Ganita, Samhita, Prasna, and much more are included.

In order to share this with the next generations of Jyotisha I, just as my Guruji has done, as has his Gurus, have published writings on the subject of Jyotish and its allied subjects. As the list of books increase, this section will be updated with the necessary information on how to purchase the book, as well as answer any questions reg. the book(s).

Jyotish Fundamentals: My Masters Words

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Jyotisha Fundamentals - My Masters Words

2nd Edition of My first book, written with the intention of lifting the astrology student from a beginners level to an intermediate or advanced level. The book is a compilation of many notes and lectures learnt first hand from my Jyotish Guru - Pt. Sanjay Rath.

I have tried to avoid the usual ‘beginners’ introduction to astrology and instead dwelled on some very useful techniques as well as add a great deal of understanding to already known principles and techniques applied by the astrologers coming from the tradition/parampara. This also makes the book useful for the more advanced astrologers

I pray that this publication comes to benefit all astrologers.

To download the Preface, Introduction and Acknolwedgements click here

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