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गरुड garuḍa
From gṝ meaning devourer.
Relates to the all pervading rays of the Sun.

Vedic Śanti Stotra

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Vedic Śanti Stotra
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Śanti is the standard practice taken for granted by every spiritual tradition in India and if you haven't begun its practice now you should start and begin asking for peace in your life. This is recommended by Parāśara Muni for all those suffering from problems from Mars in their charts, especially during Mars Daśā and Antaradaśā.
The following Stotras are from the 4(5) veda and are chosen based on the Veda one follows. 

If in doubt the sign position of Ketu in the Ṣaṣṭyaṁśa (D-60) chart  indicates the appropriate Veda.

nandimukha - Watery signs: Ṛgveda
hayamukha - Air signs: Yajurveda (Śukla is for birth in Śukla Pakṣa and Kṛṣṇa is for birth in Kṛṣṇa Pakṣa)
ajamukha - Earthy signs: Samaveda
hanumukha - Fiery signs: Atharvaveda 


The standard method of practicing Śanti is to recite the Śanti stotra before ones daily worship following the recitation of the Guru Vandana or praise of the teacher. This is to ensure that ones prayers will be peaceful and that one will have peace with all ones teacher(s) both in the prayer and in life in general. Following the daily prayers, mantras and stotras the entire daily practice is ended with the recitation of Śanti again to ensure ones life and association with the world is also peaceful. 




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