Ātma and Creation – Pandit Sanjay Rath


Jyotirliṅga, Rasa, Ātma, Saptāṁśa (D-7) division, 7 notes, 7 tastes, colors, Sambandha of Iṣṭa and Ātmakāraka
Sri Jagannath Center (SJC) : West Coast Conference: Redwood Valley, California, USA
28.08.2002 www.srath.com
Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri, Orissa, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Sri Achyutananda). His grandfather, the late Pandit Jagannath Rath, was the Jyotish Ratna of Orissa and authored many books on Jyotish.

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