हरे राम कृष्ण
Dear Somnath, Namaskar.
What you say is not the case.
The Bhāva Chakra is used in this tradition, but its usage is clearly differentiated from the use of the normal Rāśi or Bhava chakra. Note the difference in wording between Bhava (short a) and Bhāva (long ā). The former refers to the Rāśis and the latter to the houses.

The Bhāva chakra is drawn with reference to the Lagna degree and spans fifteen degrees before and after the specific degree, regardless of the boundaries of the Rāśis. Herein we define the first use of this chakra, namely that it disregards the creation that God has founded. Therefore also the use of the Bhāva chakra is a self-centric view of the universe from the perspective of the individual but it is not true as it disregards what God has created… the Rāśis.
Draw all the following house boundaries the same way that you did the boundaries of the Lagna. With this you may get a completely new chart, where the Grahas may fall in a Bhāva before or after the initial placement. If the Lagna is closer to the middle of the sign (fifteen degrees) the differences between the Bhāva chakra and the Bhava chakra (again notice the short a) may not exist. This leads us to the second definition of the Bhāva chakra. The close the Lagna is to the beginning or end of the sign, the more the personal perception of the native differs from the actual reality indicated in the Rāśis. This is due to a flaw in the natives intelligence from past lives, and can be corrected by reciting the Gayatri Mantra. Hence this is the best remedy for all flaws in the intelligence. For this reason also the placement of the Lagna in Sandhi or Gaṇḍānta is considered highly inauspicious.
As a difference exists between the perception and reality in this case, the native due to their perception may act in a way which is detrimental towards other aspects of their life.
Here is given the chart of Marilyn Monroe (1st June 1926, 9:30 AM, Los Angeles, CA, USA). In the Bhāva Chalit Chakra given on the far right, the only difference existing is the placement of Jupiter in the eighth vs. seventh house.      This makes up for a significant change in our predictions for Ms. Monroe. In her Rāśi chart the ninth lord is in the eighth house which should give effects of: bhāgyahīna (devoid of fortune including problems in marriage especially for ladies) and jyeṣṭhabhrātṛsukhaṁ naiva (devoid of happiness from elder brother). This is what is supposed to happen. But now see that in the bhāva chakra that Jupiter has gone to the seventh house. The effects which she will perceive to be true are: dārayogāt sukhodaya (happiness upon marriage), guṇavān (endowed with virtues) and kīrtimān (endowed with fame).
Whilst she did get fame on account of ninth lord joined the tenth lord Mars in the eighth house, the problem is that she was confident that this had to be defined by her relationships (seventh house). As a result of which she got married thrice and it was even suspected that one such relationship was the cause of her demise due to an affair (Jupiter-married man).
I hope this clarifies the use of the Bhāva Chalit Chakra.
Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen
Jyotish Guru (Vedic Astrologer)
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