The word Mantra comes from the two words: Mana & Traya which mean mind and protection respectively. So mantra’s are meant to protect the mind of living beings. Mantras exist in the form of syllables and words and can be as short as one syllable and as long as sixty-four syllables. Beyond this they are known as stotras.The mantra is a form of prayer meant to propitiate a Devata.
There are 33 Deva with about 330 million forms (Rath, Foundation of Vedic Astrology – The philosophy, 2002) in the vedic pantheon and they depict various lights and sounds of the one God which existed before the creation. Just as light gives shape and form to all objects and thus gives knowledge of them, so also the Devata gives knowledge of the universe which exists around us. This has been utilized very well by the vedic seers who have given us a means to understand the universe around us, as well as that which existed before the creation, through the help of sound.
This section is devoted to understanding the Devatas and the mantras, prayers and spiritual practices associated with them. This work can merely be an attempt as the subject is limited to the writings and words of this author. As a result any ideas, recommendations or additions are welcomed.

Sounds of mantra Part 1: Agnipurāṇa

Introduction In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God and God was the Word – John...

Reading the seeds of mantra

Reading the seeds of mantra

Mantraśastra or the ‘science of mantra’ is a very developed and intricate part of the Veda and Vedāñga. It begins...

Sri Vamana Avatara

Śrī Vāmana Mantra (Meru Tantra)

Śrī Vāmana is the Avatara of Viṣṇu, and as per Parāśara Muni Jupiter is associated with Śrī Vāmana. The Ṛg...

Vedic Śanti Stotra

Vedic Śanti Stotra

Śanti is the standard practice taken for granted by every spiritual tradition in India and if you haven't begun its practice now you should start and begin asking for peace in your life. This is recommended by Parāśara Muni for all those suffering from problems from Mars in their charts, especially during Mars Daśā and Antaradaśā. The following Stotras are from the 4(5) veda and are chosen based on the Veda one follows.


Ratna (gemstones) [updated]

हरे राम कृष्ण Dear Chandan, Namaskar. Excuse me for not answering in full in my last mail, I realise no...



Gaṇa+Iśa or Gaṇa+Pati.Pati or Iśa means ruler or lord. The word Gaṇa has various meanings: Gaṇa: A company, any assemblage...


Agni: the holy fire

Agni is a reference to the fire-element, as well as the devatā who carries the same. Symbolizing one of the...

Karna Matangi


Mātangi is the name of one among the ten Mahāvidya. Specifically Mātangi is among the three Siddhividyas namely Kamalātmika, Mātangi...