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Nakṣatra and Daśā

The graha in or lording the Nakṣatra is causing 'grahaṇa' on the nakṣatra and making it unable to give its own divine light! Therefore it's obscuring the real meaning of the nakṣatra.

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Sisters problems

vyāṁ vyāsadevāya namaḥ Dear Sir, Namaste. Do find my answers herein. Your sister born: 23 Dec 1972, 4:28 AM, Mumbai....

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Gulika and Yogas

vyāṁ vyāsadevāya namaḥ Dear Anand, Namaste. Here are my answers to your two questions. 1. A weak lagna can inhibit...

Mars Vargottama


vyāṁ vyāsadevāya namaḥ Dear Anand, Namaste. Varga-uttama = vargottama. Uttamāmśa arises when a planet is strong in 3 vargas. In...

Navagraha mantra questions

Navagraha mantra questions

vyāṁ vyāsadevāya namaḥ|Dear Śiṣya, Namaste.You have asked some questions which would benefit many to get answered. With your permission, I...



vyāṁ vyāsadevāya namaḥ|Dear Renita, Namaste.The word Tantra means ‘protecting the body’ (tanu+trayi) whereas Mantra means ‘protecting the mind’. The means...

Name & rectification

Name & rectification

Question: Hello every one,   I have a query. I am very much interested in Jyotish and my name is...


Tenth House

 ॐ गुरवे नमः Dear Jyoti, Namaste. The tenth house is the Indra Bhava and therefore is the strongest house in the...

Bhāva Chakra

Bhāva Chakra

हरे राम कृष्ण Dear Somnath, Namaskar. What you say is not the case. The Bhāva Chakra is used in this...

Makara Sankranti

Makara Sankranti

हरे राम कृष्ण Dear Jitu, Namaskar. In truth every Sankranti has significance, as does every New and Full Moon, where...

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