An article presented during the SJC Serbia Conference 2005 on the topic of Education. This entails the principles and use of the Siddhamsa for timing education, and its events.

Vara Chakra

A writeup on the use of the vara’s or weekdays and how yogas are formed based on the planets ruling the weekdays. A very basic principle of jyotish.

Principles of Prasna

A promissed writeup on some of the core principles of prasna analysis, including use of varga charts and a timing tool from the Achyuta Gurukul. Definitely a must read for all astrologers. principlesofprasnaDownload

Upasanamsa (D-20)

A taste of the book; Jyotish Fundamentals, by Visti Larsen.The extracts include the use of the vimsamsa (d20) chart to ascertain the native’s ups and downs in spirituality, as well as their capability.The second part deals with the ascertainment of Guru and the...