Parivartana (exchange) yoga

Explaining the often misunderstood Parivartana yoga and its variations such as; amsa, sukshma and karaka parivartana yoga. Also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) has been added, which have been collected in question-answer format to clarify the issues reg....

Tattva, Antara Tattva, Mahapurusha Yoga and Kunda

A method of calculation of Tattva’s rising in a day, and how to identify ones birth tattva, and the health of the individual or ailments, based on the same. The five tattva and the five great personalities who incarnate from them. Also a useful method of rectification...

Kalamsa (D16)

The sixteenth divisional chart, used to analyze the native’s attachments, and happiness from conveyances and luxuries.

Turyamsa (D4)

The fourth divisional chart used to analyze residence and propperty matters. Some uses of argala are also mentioned for timing.

Jnana Yoga

The article on Jnana Yoga is divided into the following parts:- Introduction to understanding the yogas formed to give the native knowledge about the universe.- The formation and use of Dhimanta Yoga, and how it is applied in the chart.- How the variations of the...