The Lagna lord also known as Lagnesha (lagna+isha) can be anlysed in depth and in isolation to attain an understanding of the persons attitude, luck, fortune, etc. This is exemplified in the article.

Introduction to Argala

Argala refers to the key which unlocks the door to opportunities in this world. In Jyotish this is a vital tool to enable the timing of events to occur. The principle is explained as taught in the traditionwith reference to Maharishi Parasara’s teachings to...

Shakti Yoga

Presented at the SJC-Asia Conference 2004 in Puri, Orissa, India. Article analysing the effects of the infamous yoga caused by the union of Rahu& Moon as brought out by Maharishi Jaimini in his Upadesa Sutras. Shakti Yoga

Jyotish Fundamentals: My Masters Words

  2nd Edition of My first book, written with the intention of lifting the astrology student from a beginners level to an intermediate or advanced level. The book is a compilation of many notes and lectures learnt first hand from my Jyotish Guru – Pt. Sanjay...