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Navamsha (D-9) Webinar Part 8/10 with Exotic Astrology

Example charts on the topic of Navamsha. Herein the dynamic influence of the Rāśi (D-1) and Navamsha (D-9) is examined using the principles of Chandra Kala Nadi.

Navamsha (D-9) Webinar Part 7/10 with Exotic Astrology

How to read Navamsha. Webinar on the Navamsha (D-9) divisional chart. This webinar elaborates about each house in the Navāmśa and its results.

Ketu: the liberator, part 6 with Vanita Lenka

Reading Ketu, the south node, and its other facets. Specifically an overview of house placements, conjunctions, and Ketu's 24 traits!

Navamsha (D-9) Webinar Part 5 & 6 with Exotic Astrology

How to read Navamsha. Two webinars on the Navamsha (d-9) divisional chart. One on Kendras in the D9 and the other on combining the Rāśi and Navamśa with each other to get an overview of the chart and its karmas.

Conjunctions webinar Part 3/3 with Anuradha Sharda

Understanding multiple conjunctions, delineating their effects in simple and straight forward steps, using classical literature as a reference.

Ketu: the liberator, part 3,4 & 5 with Vanita Lenka

Ketu Webinar detailing the Ketu Chakra, the means towards liberation, how to follow the saints example towards liberation, the appropriate devata to worship as well!

Navamsha (D-9) Webinar Part 3 & 4 with Exotic Astrology

Navamsha Webinar with Bhabajeet Khalita and Exotic Astrology. Understanding the houses and use of the Navamsha.

Conjunctions Webinar part 2 with Anuradha Sharda

Part two of the Yoga and conjunctions webinar hosted by Anuradha Sharda. The 2nd part details the hierarchy of planets in a conjunction and how this is reflected in the ancient texts.

Dreams – Pandit Sanjay Rath 2003

East Coast 2003. Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of...

Ketu: the liberator, part 2/3 with Vanita Lenka

2nd part of the Ketu webinar detailing the principles of examining the how the Ketu Chakra gives us our personal freedom in our lives.

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