Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul – Victor Hugo

Solar and Lunar eclipses occur every six months, with both eclipses occurring within fifteen days of each other. These two close eclipses, their time of occurrence and the rāśi/nakṣatra of the luminaries during both events, are most relevant for analysis, and make changes in the destiny of man, both individually and globally.
The analysis of eclipses adds significant relevance to the use of nodes transit in the zodiac.

Points to note

During eclipses, Astrologers note the following transit positions of the eclipse:

  1. Nakṣatra of the conjoined Sun and Moon.
  2. Ascendant during the eclipse, at the native’s place of birth.
  3. Jupiter’s Transit

Good eclipse or Bad eclipse?

The solar eclipse can occur before or after the lunar eclipse, and the effects of the eclipse also vary from auspicious to inauspicious as a result. Or rather, the eclipse leads ones towards ‘bhoga’ and material benefit, or ‘mokṣa’ and purging/spiritual benefit. Here the reference point is the occurrence of the lunar eclipse.

  • Should the lunar eclipse precede the solar eclipse, then the goal is bhoga or benefit. This is also beneficial for the entire country wherein the eclipse is visible.
  • Instead, should the solar eclipse precede the lunar eclipse, then the goal is ‘mokṣa’, purging and spiritual benefit. The latter also implies material loss, and for a country where this eclipse is visible, setbacks are indicated.

Whom does the eclipse effect?

Visibility is the key-word herein, where should the eclipse be visible over a country, that entire country will be affected for 18 years!

For individuals, should the eclipse occur over any planet, or point of reference in their birth chart, then regardless of whether the eclipse was visible in their location or not, they will experience the eclipse effects for 18 years. Herein the Graha or point where the eclipse occurred is relevant to distinguish the results.

The most important points of reference are Sun, Moon, Lagna, Lagna lord and Ārūḍha Lagna. Should the eclipse nakṣatra correspond to either of these, then the eclipse is relevant for the individual.

These reference points are divided into two groups of Lunar & Solar strong:
1. Lagna, Āṛūḍha Lagna and Moon: Lunar strong, and benefit from the lunar eclipse succeeding the solar.
2. Lagnesha and Sun: Solar strong, and benefit from the solar eclipse succeeding the lunar.

Should the opposite occur, the point of reference suffers loss. E.g. should the solar eclipse succeed the lunar, then such an event over the Lagna, Ārūḍha Lagna or Moon will cause suffering and loss.

Eclipses occurring within the same rāśi as another Graha will affect the fortune (bhagya) and direction (gati) of the person indicated by the Graha, be it good or bad, whereas those occurring within the same nakṣatra will affect the health of the individual indicated by the Graha.

When do the effects arise?

The effects of the eclipse can precede the eclipse date or succeed the same by 6 months, depending on the degree of the eclipse-point.

  • If the eclipse-point is placed before Lagna lord or Sun then the effects arise prior to the eclipse date.
  • This is opposite for Lagna/Moon/Āṛūḍha Lagna, e.g. if the eclipse-point occurs at a degree after the Lagna, Moon or Āṛūḍha Lagna, the effects have already occurred 6 months before.
  • Otherwise, it will be after. This is to be confirmed with daśās.

The effects of a significant eclipse last for 18 years until the next eclipse occurs in the same signs.

Focus of Eclipse

Since Jupiter is the Guru, or guide and teacher, which leads the person out of the darkness of an eclipse, the position of transit Jupiter shows the direction of major change occurring in the person’s life.

The form and name of the Guru is also indicated from this. If the eclipse affects the natives Lagna, Moon or Āṛūḍha Lagna, the persons Guru is Dattatreya (Vaiṣṇava form). If it affects the group of Lagna lord or Sun, the persons Guru is Dakshinamurti (Śaiva form). This also indicates the remedy to be performed.

– Finally, the eclipse Lagna shows which events transpiring which mark the persons life-change. The eclipse Lagna is reckoned from the solar eclipse. This is to be reckoned from the planetary placements in the natal chart.

+ First step is analysing which signs and Nakṣatras the luminaries are placed in during the solar and lunar eclipse.

An example is given of LK Advani. The Solar and Lunar eclipse occurred in Svati and Asvini Nakṣatras, where the Solar eclipse preceded the Lunar. Jupiter was transiting Leo, whilst Lagna was placed in Virgo.

Advani, LK
Date: November 8, 1927
Time: 8:30:00 am
Time Zone: 4:28:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 67 E 03' 00", 24 N 52' 00"
Lunar Yr-Mo: Prabhava - Karthika
Tithi: Sukla Chaturdasi (Sk) (31.34% left)
Vedic Weekday: Tuesday (Ma)
Nakṣatra: Aswini (Ke) (53.85% left)
Yoga: Siddhi (Ma) (39.50% left)
Karana: Vanija (Sk) (62.68% left)

LK Advani

The eclipse in April 19th 2004 occured in the Nakṣatras Asvini and later the lunar eclipse occurred in Svati. The solar eclipse occurred first.
Since the natal moon is in Asvini Nakṣatra, this eclipse causes downfall and rajbhanga yoga. Subsequently after the eclipse the BJP party to whom LK Advani belongs, fell from power.

+ The next step is analyzing the signs and houses in which the eclipse occurs.

In the chart of LK Advani, the eclipse occurs along the sixth and twelfth houses. This brings enmity and back stabbing, and this arose in the form of the opposition which formed a coalition to take over the governing power the same month.

+ The degree of the eclipse will reveal whether the results will arise before or after the eclipse.

In the chart of LK Advani, the Moon is at 6 degrees Aries. The solar eclipse occurred in 5 degrees Aries. In case of eclipses affecting the Lagna/Moon or karakas, the effects will be felt after the eclipse if the degrees are less than the graha. in this case the effects were felt after the eclipse where the BJP government fell in May 2004 for the elections.

+ Position of Jupiter shows the major direction taken by the individual after/before the eclipse.

Transit Jupiter is placed in the tenth house from the Lagna of LK Advani. Thus the major direction of change is that of the person’s career and the Guru guiding the same is Dattatreya. One can expect a major change in career due to this eclipse.

+ The transit/eclipse Lagna shows the events which transpire to instigate the major direction indicated by the eclipse.

The Eclipse lagna occurs in Virgo, which will show the events which transpire. In LK Advani’s chart Virgo is the eleventh house joining the ārūḍha lagna which is supposed to be auspicious for the native promising rise and opportunity. However, a debilitated Venus is joined the ārūḍha and promises rajbhanga yoga or fall from grace.

US Presidential elections 2000

The presidential elections in 2000 marked an important turning point for previous Vice President Al Gore and current President George W Bush Jr.

The first eclipse of the year occurred in July 2000 along the signs of Capricorn and Cancer. The Nakṣatras were Pushya and U. Ashadha. The Lunar eclipse preceded the solar eclipse, in this case, thus benefiting Lagna/Chandra and the karakas joined.

Gore, Al
Date: March 31, 1948
Time: 12:53:00 pm
Time Zone: 5:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place: 77 W 02' 00", 38 N 54' 00"
Lunar Yr-Mo: Sarva-jit - Phalguna
Tithi: Krishna Sapthami (Sa) (14.15% left)
Vedic Weekday: Wednesday (Bu)
Nakṣatra: Moola (Ke) (24.25% left)
Yoga: Variyan (Gu) (15.76% left)
Karana: Bava (Sy) (28.30% left)

Cancer and Pushya happen to the be the lagna Nakṣatra of both George W. Bush Jr. and Al Gore, thus showing great benefit for both of the presidential candidates. During this time both candidates rose to attract enormous popularity in a very tight election. However, the second eclipse later in the year had no specific impact on Bush but did have so on the chart of Gore. For sake of learning, we will focus on the chart of Mr. Al Gore.

The second eclipse occurred at the end of the year 2000 votes on the 25th of December. This occurred in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius in the Nakṣatras of Mula and Punarvasu. The solar eclipse occurred first, and thus will benefit the lagnesha/surya and lordships, but ruin the raja yoga of the Lagna/Moon and karakas. Al Gores’ natal Moon is placed in Mula nakshtatra showing that it was a time for destruction of wealth and raja yoga.

The eclipse occurred at exactly 10 degrees 22 minutes whereas Al Gores natal Moon is placed at 10 degrees 6 minutes… an exact conjunction occurred! However, as the eclipse had higher minutes than the natal moon, the event would have occurred prior to the eclipse. On December 13th (12 days prior) Al Gore announced his loss of the 2000 presidential elections which was by a very narrow margin. The eclipse seems to work perfectly in the charts of politicians.

Just as in the case of LK Advani, the eclipse occurs along the sixth/twelfth house axis. Jupiter is transiting Taurus in the eleventh house joining arudha lagna, showing that the direction of name, fame, etc is under ‘new guidance’. After the elections, Al Gore left politics and has currently made his way into the movie industry (Venus joined AL) with a movie regarding environmental issues (Taurus is the sustainer of the earth).

The Lagna will indicate the event and here the eclipse Lagna is Pisces. At first glance Pisces seems very auspicious as the Sun being placed in Pisces is a siddhi-da (giver of power) due to its lordship of Ghatika lagna and its mutual aspect with lagnesh. Its conjunction with the arudha of the fifth house also promises association with power and authority as the aspect on the Moon-Jupiter yoga is showering the effects of Lakshmi yoga and blessings of elders.

Now, there is only one reason for his fall which is of prime importance to the chart: Rahu is placed in the throne/tenth house, and as a result, the house placement of the Sun will not rise to its full potential. It was due to the decision of the courts (ninth house) that he was denied the simhasana/throne and hence the presidentship.
These principles of Varachakra should be kept carefully in mind when analysing the chart.

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