vyāṁ vyāsadevāya namaḥ

Dear Anand, Namaste.

Here are my answers to your two questions.

1. A weak lagna can inhibit or delay the person from beginning their life. Whichever beginning this may be. It does affect the entire chart wrongly if the lagna or its lord is afflicted, but if the native uses this to their advantage they might be successful.

E.g. Sonia Gandhi has 1st lord in the 12th house suggesting to keep a low profile or work behind the scenes. So whilst she was pulling the strings of the previous government of India, she was not holding the main responsibility as Prime Minister.

vilwadi gulika-500x500Gulika and Mandi are very different. Mandi indicates all the sin you may potentially perform in this life. Gulika represents how much of this you did in the past and therefore must suffer from in this life. Therefore the real question is ‘where is Gulika’?

It is Gulika’s nakṣatra which carries the poison-pot of Saturn, therefore if a graha is joined the same Nakṣatra as Gulika, that graha will bring the punishment of Saturn. If none then the Nakṣatra dispositor will carry that responsibility.

The way this is experienced depends on the grahas, i.e. malefics can give terrible accidents or diseases, whilst benefics may just ask you take some medicine-pills.

The lordship of the grahas joined or lording the Nakṣatra of Gulika will be the cause of the problems. In case of 1L the person them self is drinking/eating the poison of gulika on a daily basis. If 12L it can be doctors advise, whilst 11L is friends advise/encouragement.

Many successful people have a regular intake of Gulika for whichever reasons and this can put a negative dent in their longevity or quality of life. However, besides this it may not have a negative effect on the other yogas in their chart, but is rather a distraction. If Gulika does have a strong influence on the Lagna it is worthwhile to examine if Saturn also has a negative say in the persons life.

Gulika closely connected to the Lagna is like a morning-pill which inhibits the persons functioning throughout the day, much like a drug which sedates the person and causes the entire day to be a drowsy experience.

2. This is the first time I’ve heard of Dhimanta yoga from the Moon. A Dhimanta is one who is seeking to understand this creation. They are serious students, researchers, etc and are attempting to imitate the sages and seers. Unless Dhimanta Yoga is formed from Arudha Lagna or Varnada Lagna it will not amount to much in their lives and simply be a personal pursuit or hobby. This is because the Arudha Lagna is the place you wish to occupy in society, and the Varnada is how you want that place to be. Lagna is what you want for your life, regardless of society. Moon is the society itself, but the quality of your society may not reflect what you are doing there.

I hope this helps.



Best Regards, Visti Larsen

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Namaste All,

I would like to know what if gulika and maandi sits along with lagna lord in 1st house ,Then don’t you feel that the potency of yogas gets reduced.

If lagna lord sits in lagna along with gulika and maandi.Some authors say that gulika and maandi will be powerful enough to act more like Saturn with lagna lord in lagna.

It will deliver good results according to some authors whereas some authors criticise the same position and therefore they do not consider it good.

What is the relevance to this position ?

Also if D1 has gulika and maandi in lst house  and in D9 where Gulika and Maandi sits in 10,11 th house .Will the results be positive or negative.

As gulika,maandi is supposed to give positive result in 3,6,10,11 houses .

Please give your suggestion ?


My other question is Dhimanatah yoga – a yoga for brilliance

I feel that from Chandra lagna ,where if Chandra combines with four planets, is it not a dhimanatah yoga .

If lagna is having ownership of 6 th house but is positioned in lagna i.e 1st house doesn’t it creat dhimantah yoga .egs Taurus lagna with venus in 1st house

So can anybody please put some light on this topic too.

Eagerly waiting for your response ,


Anand S