Chart 1: Queen Margrethe II Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid

Queen Margrethe

Raja Yoga of Queen Margethe of Denmark

In her majesties chart, the first most noticeable trait of the chart is the Kala Sarpa Yoga along the third/ninth house axis pointing towards difficulty in education, or very changeable circumstances within the same. Her majesty was initially home schooled before attending an all-girl’s school in the nation’s capitol, Copenhagen. However, in her last year of high school she travelled to the UK where she completed the final year, and went on to study at Cambridge.

The strong conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in the ninth will keep the education intact but the nodal influence on the same was bound to cause some changeable circumstances. Also this conjunction of Jupiter with a node constitutes Mahāpadma yoga and will give great rājayoga after the age of 16 or 32 which are the natural years of Jupiter.

Jupiter and Mercury are also the ātmakāraka and putrakāraka and shows that after the Kala Sarpa yoga ends, it will give Mahāraja yoga. It will come from father or elders as this is placed in the ninth house, and the likelihood of this being through inheritance is seen from the mutual aspect between eighth lord Rāhu and the conjunction in the ninth house. On 15th January 1972 in her 32nd year of age, Margrethe was officially conferred the title of Queen of Denmark.

As the ninth lord from the Sun is Jupiter who is involved in the maharaja yoga, father is a very powerful man. Simhāsana yoga must be present for a person to occupy a throne position, and the second lord Sun is exalted in the tenth house forming the Simhāsana yoga, and being in the royal sign Aries in the Ārūḍha Lagna this grants the title of Queen to her.

Now, the rājayoga in Pisces must be assessed from the Lagna, Ārūḍha Lagna and ātmakāraka. Being joined the ātmakāraka this yoga in itself is quite strong. The combination doesn’t have argalā on the Ārūḍha Lagna, but is obstructing the argalā of Venus and Mars on it, thus giving it jñāna śakti over the Ārūḍha Lagna. However, as there is no argalā of this combination on the Lagna itself, the power to act or kriyā śakti is not conferred upon the queen, a power taken away from the regents and royals since the establishment of constitutional monarchy in Denmark since 1849.

Whilst the power of the presiding regent isn’t as prevalent as it has been, the wealth is the same if not more than it has been. This is seen from the second houses from Lagna, ātmakāraka and Ārūḍha Lagna. Here we see that the second house from Lagna receives the eighth house argalā from the maharaja yoga. The second from Ārūḍha Lagna receives the eleventh house lābhārgalā from this maharaja yoga. Whilst the second from ātmakāraka doesn’t receive argalā from the maharaja yoga, the maharaja yoga does obstruct the argalā of Mars and Venus on the same, ensuring enormous wealth in inheritance. The royal family owns several mansions and a few palaces in Denmark, along with their own farms and boats all over Europe.

A repeating trend in the analysis of her majesties chart is the repeated obstruction of the Mars-Venus combination in her eleventh house, by the maharaja yoga in the chart. At a closer look we find that Mars is the tenth lord joined amātyakāraka Venus conferring rāja sambandha yoga showing great influence and position. As this forms a rājayoga between fourth and fifth lords, this rājayoga goes to ensure the best for the community as a whole.

This is boosted by the Yanavanta yoga of Moon strong in Lagna with Venus in the third/eleventh being equally strong giving leadership and expertise in one specific field. The queen is an avid painter (Venus in Taurus), designer of clothes (Venus+Mars) for many TV-series as well as theater-performances. Her husband is furthermore a winemaker.

This yoga is further sparked by the aspect of Rāhu on it giving political association and power and that too among the regents of Denmark as this occurs in Taurus.

Whilst this combination gives lābhārgalā to Lagna, dhanārgalā to Ārūḍha Lagna and parākrama argalā to ātmakāraka which are all bound to grant enormous political influence and fame in the field of the arts, the Queen’s work has often been criticized as being dependant on her status rather than her ability due to the virodhārgalā of the maharaja yoga on her Ārūḍha Lagna which has thus dominated peoples world view of her.

Chart 2: Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Anders Fogh Rasmusen

Raja Yoga of Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Two birth times have been given for the current prime-minister of Denmark. One gives the possibility of Cancer Lagna whilst the other gives Libra Lagna. This author has chosen Libra Lagna as only this Lagna gives a link between the tenth house, amātyakāraka, Rāhu and the sign Taurus, all qualities needed for a ruler of Denmark. In the given chart the tenth lord is amātyakāraka granting rāja sambandha yoga for association with the topmost people in ones field, and with Rāhu aspecting Moon by rāśi dristi it indicates political association. The amātyakāraka is in Taurus therefore qualifying him to be a leading politician in Denmark.

Most politicians and regents in Denmark will have a raja sambandha yoga associated with Taurus. Presumably because the Lagna of Denmark is Leo, and the tenth house of throne/power is therefore Taurus.

With Saturn exalted in Lagna his values would be more conservative and focused on the money of the nation. He is the current leader of Venstre, the Danish liberal party, whose policy has primarily been conservative.

Now, we need to analyze this tenth lord with respect to the remaining positions. The Moon has argalā on the Lagna and ātmakāraka Venus. It doesn’t have argalā on the Ārūḍha Lagna, but is obstructing the papārgalā of Ketu on the Ārūḍha Lagna, thus giving the Moon enormous power in the chart. The maharaja yoga between Lagna and fifth lords Venus and Saturn, is also quite strong with Venus having argalā on Lagna, ātmakāraka and obstructing the argalā of Saturn on the Ārūḍha Lagna.

Further, according to Parāśara the argalā of one planet on the first, fifth and ninth houses simultaneously grants rājayoga and good fortune. Essentially the native is granted the full blessings of the Trikoṇa houses and thus the blessings of Lakshmi.  Moon is in such a position, being that the Lagna, ātmakāraka and Ārūḍha Lagna are in these houses, thus any argalā on these is also argalā on the Trikoṇas. Venus holds a similarly strong position in the chart.

Notably, with Moon in a Dusthāna and Saturn in Lagna, the prime-minister has Brahmaṇa yoga, a yoga which makes one a great servant to the community, and in this case the country.

With planets occupying all signs in the Kendra the Tara Daśā is applicable in the chart, and from 1989-2008 Saturn mahadaśā is running. Saturn is well placed in the Lagna in parivartana yoga with Venus granting maharaja yoga. Further the kāraka parivartana with Moon is sure to give powerful political associations. During Saturn daśā Saturn antardaśā he was tax minister, and during the pratyantara daśā of Moon he was appointed to minister of finance.

However, Saturn in the Lagna, tenth or fifth houses, regardless of strength, causes a risk of rajbhanga yoga and the native may leave or be forced to leave their position. Saturn in the Lagna shows own decision. In his new position he in the beginning of his reign as the minister of finance, pushed hard to ensure the budget promises of the government would become a reality. The government wasn’t able to, and whilst attempting to uphold their policy the minister was accused of conspicuous accounting methods. The lord of Ārūḍha Lagna is Mercury (finance/accounting) who is joined Rāhu (scandal). Mercury is further debilitated in Navāmśa causing rajabhanga yoga.

Therefore by the end of the Saturn antardaśā, during Mercury’s pratyantara daśā Mr. Rasmussen resigned from his position.

The following antardaśā of Jupiter continued his leave from office, but he managed to publish the book Fra socialstat til minimalstat a book centered on his ideas politically, and essentially describes how improving the lifestyle and values of both the income-earners and those who aren’t able to fend for themselves needs to be the cornerstone of every parties policy. Jupiter being the third lord gave him this opportunity, and being in mutual aspect with Saturn in the Lagna, he did so in disgust with the way the political scene had looked after him and his parties exit from government after January 1993.

The next antardaśā of Ketu invites Simhasana yoga, as Ketu is the second lord placed in the tenth house, giving power and position. This began in 1995 and with the next antardaśā of Venus from 1996 to 1999 the maharaja yoga between Saturn and Venus was activated and he became the party-leader of his party, Venstre, the Danish liberal party.

Mars antardaśā followed this only to increase his hold on the party and its political agenda, and when the Moon antardaśā followed from 2000-2002 the raja sambandha yoga was set to make him prime-minister in Denmark. The next election followed in Rāhu antardaśā again activating the raja sambandha yoga which he again won through clever politics and a weak opposition. Mercury antardaśā is running causing rajbhañga yoga and unfortunately due to economical reforms being made during his time, his popularity has been falling and the likelihood for him to stand for re-election seems slim.

Chart 3: Bill Clinton

Rajayoga of Bill Clinton

Rajayoga of Bill Clinton

In the chart of former President Bill Clinton we find that Moon is in the tenth house, and its kāraka Mercury is in the Lagna. Such a person will think and act like Vishnu and truly believe that the world is one family. Such a person will persist in trying to establish peace in the world.

Again we see a combination of Mars and Venus in the chart. Here Mars is the fifth lord joined Venus who is the fourth lord. This forms a strong rājayoga for benefitting the community (fourth house – world is the family). This is also amātyakāraka Venus, joined the tenth lord Mars giving association with the topmost people in his field of occupation. As Rāhu further aspects this combination he is a politician. The placement of this yoga in Virgo will give this political career in the USA where he will be among the top leaders.

This combination obstructs the argalā of Rāhu on the Lagna, obstructs the argalā of Ketu on the ātmakāraka Moon, and also obstructs Ketu’s argalā on the Ārūḍha Lagna. Therefore the Mars-Venus yoga is extremely powerful in the chart. Finally this combination gives lābhārgalā to the fifth house, obstructs Rāhu’s argalā on the Lagna, and also is in the seventh from the ninth house, which happens to be Venus’ exaltation sign giving it even more strength in the chart.

This rājayoga is therefore extremely powerful in the chart. This is further confirmed by Mars being the dispositor of the Moon and Lagna lord, whilst simultaneously aspecting the horā Lagna and ghātikā Lagna in the chart making this combination one Mahāyogaḍa in the chart.

Unfortunately, unlike in the former chart, Mars is the lord of second from Ārūḍha Lagna and joined Venus and will give bahustrī yoga which risks extramarital affairs. As this is in the second from upapada this will damage the marriage, and give scandal due to the aspect of Rāhu on the same. Therefore, the same yoga for rājayoga and political association will also bring extramarital affairs without doubt.

The main battle of his career has been between the Mars-Venus combination in his third house, and the Ketu in his fifth house. Where the Mars-Venus yoga improves his career but also increases the risk of extramarital affairs, the placement of Ketu in the fifth ruins career and reveals any acts of scandalous nature.

He started his career in Arkansas in 1977. Rāhu mahadaśā started in 1973 and initiated the rājayoga and raja sambandha yoga in Virgo through its aspect on the same. During Jupiter antardaśā he held the title of Attorney General in Arkansas. Jupiter is involved in gajakesari yoga on the Ārūḍha Lagna which gives enormous popularity and makes a person very self conscious about their image. Jupiter indicates law as being the area of leadership.

However, Jupiter is placed in the sixth from mahadaśā Graha Rāhu, and shows dislike or overall discomfort with this position, and he will also find himself unable to follow the advise of elders during such a time due to the guru-chandala yoga. After holding this position for two years he ran for governor and became the Governor of Arkansas in January 1979. Saturn antardaśā had started and shows him becoming much more politically involved due to the position of Saturn in Cancer causing a Simhāsana yoga common among politicians. Mercury is joined Saturn and he occupied that position beginning from Rāhu-Saturn-Mercury daśā, antardaśā, pratyantara. Again Jupiter showed up and caused heartache, where in Rāhu-Saturn-Jupiter daśā, antardaśā and pratyantara he lost the elections to his opponent, only to regain his position in Rāhu-Mercury-Rāhu maha, antara and pratyantara daśā which he then held for nine years.

Jupiter mahadaśā began in 1991 and with its sukhārgalā on the Simhāsana yoga in the Lagna, and the dhanārgalā on the raja sambandha yoga, the road to further raja yoga began. With the gajakesari yoga in the Ārūḍha Lagna a strong foundation for his popularity and political success is made. On November third, during Jupiter daśā, Jupiter antardaśā and Moons pratyantara daśā he had officially won the elections and became president of the USA.

The two antardaśā following during this time are Saturn’s and Mercury’s both joined in the Lagna. During this time the Clinton administration pushed towards globalizing the administration by making the White House accessible through the internet (Mercury), and removing alienation of people within the military by granting homosexuals the permission to join the same. These are traits noteworthy of one who believes that the world is one family (Vishnu yoga).

He won the second term during Mercury’s antardaśā being well placed and joined the Simhāsana yoga. But, with Mercury being the dispositor of the Venus-Mars combination it would also give rise to extra marital affairs, and with Ketu antardaśā following the picture looked very grim. During Guru mahadaśā, Ketu antardaśā the President was impeached for having lied during the Paula Jones civil disposition earlier in the year. When Saturn influences the Lagna the native may feel compelled to lie. The issues which will be lied about are seen from Saturn’s Graha aspect in the chart. Saturn aspects the bahu-strī yoga in the third house showing the desire to lie or avoid the issues pertaining to that. Rāhu shows the causes of scandal, and if associated with the Ārūḍha Lagna, the native’s name will be associated with scandal. The scandal will be indicated by the sign position of Rāhu. Here Rāhu is in a Venusian sign indicating sexual scandal.

However, the position of Ketu is not strong enough to overthrow the virodhārgalā of Venus and Mars. Therefore the outcome of the impeachment was naturally in the Presidents favour.

The next antardaśā of Venus brought Clinton into the warzone, where he had NATO carry out bombings of Ex-Yugoslavian country Serbia due to allegations of genocide and ethnic cleansing on part of the Serbian military towards Albanians living in Kosovo.

Further, in the closing year of his administration he attempted to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict by arranging peace talks between the Israeli Prime Minister and the Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat, all events characterized by the Yoga between fourth and fifth lords in the chart.