Immune system disorders: HIV/AIDS – Part 1

Understanding the cause of immune-system disorders. The nature of HIV and its escalation to AIDS, as well as the specific cause of infection is studied herein from the perspective of Allopathy, Ayurveda and Jyotiṣa.

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Ayurveda and Immunity

Vyādhi-kṣamatva (lit. resistance against disease) is the term used for immune system (ref. Charak Samhita). This is sometimes termed bala (lit. strength, ref. Sushruta Samhita). The strength or bala is decided based on Sahaja (genes), kalaja (time, season, age), yuktikruta (what you have done about yourself).

Disease affects the seven dhātu of the body[i]. According to Ayurveda, the essence of all the seven dhātu is ojas. One may ask, is Ojas the same as Bala? It is not, however, all that feeds the Ojas strengthens the immunity. Herein we have two types of Ojas: Para Ojas (keeps one alive) and Apara Ojas (feeds the bodily functions). According to the tradition, the latter is examined in the Somanātha Drekkaṇa (D-3 SM).

Jyotiṣa and Immunity (Ojas)

The fort that protects the body from the outside world is held in the eighth house. Once weak we have to be treated in the twelfth house of hospitals and doctors. Here the body finds rest and recuperation, as we do every night during sleep. These two houses show our resistance towards disease and our recovery from the same. Therefore the worst diseases arise from the eighth house causing our resistance to fail.

These houses essentially show the work of the white-blood cells and represent the power of the fourth house to keep us healthy. The kāraka of the same are Venus and Moon which rule the two groups of white blood cells. Specifically leukocytes (attacks virus) and lymphocytes (attacks bacteria, fungi and causes allergic reactions) respectively.

According to Śiva Kāma Vipaka, a curse of Venus will also cause bad health. This is due to the leukocytes being unable to function properly in fighting viruses. In case of viral problems such as HIV, the dhātu afflicted is rakta or blood (kāraka Moon). We would expect it to be associated with the disease houses, namely sixth or eighth houses, and more specifically their lords. Two exceptions are taught in this regard:

  1. Venus in own sign acts like water and thus affects the blood as well.
  2. Venus joined nodes can also cause the blood to be afflicted.

Table 1: Nodal conjunctions

nodal conjunctons

[i] Saptadhātu (lit. 7 materials): asthi (bone), rakta (blood), majja (marrow), tvak (skin), vasa (fat), vīrya (reproductive fluids), mamsa (muscle).

to be continued…

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