Immune system disorders: HIV/AIDS – Part 2

Two examples of Venus bringing this type of disease are given hereunder.

Chart 1: Hospital Worker (data withheld)


In the given chart, the sixth lord Venus is placed in own sign suggesting a blood disease if any. It is further afflicted by the aspect of Mars and Rāhu showing the disease as being severe. Venus is the dispositor of the Lagneśa, Jupiter, suggesting that the illness has arisen out of the persons own actions, and being that Venus is the Chara Amātyakāraka can indicate through work. The native was working with drug addicts in Africa, when during work in a hospital she was accidently infected with AIDS. The work in the hospital is clearly indicated by the placement of tenth lord in the twelfth house with the Moon and Mercury. Venus as eleventh lord does indicate a social acquaintance as being the bringer of the disease.

Chart 2: Arthur Conrad


In the given chart, sixth and eighth lords join in Capricorn. Both being joined Rāhu causes an exception based on Table 1: Nodal conjunctions. Moon joined Rāhu is supposed to affect Saturn and thus the mamsadhātu or muscle tissue. Instead Venus joined Rāhu afflicts the Moon or blood-tissue. The severity of the condition is accentuated by the papakartari of Saturn, Sun and Badhakeśa Mercury. With Venus being the carrier of the disease and the eleventh lord, it suggests that the disease is contracted from a friend or social acquaintance.

Conrad died of pneumonia from AIDS, 25th November 1986, San Francisco, CA, USA.

to be continued…

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