Immune system disorders: HIV/AIDS – Part 3

Jyotiṣa and immunity (vyādhi-kṣamatva)

The kavach or shield of the body is the eleventh house. We are reborn from this house. Parents create children in the fifth, and the eleventh therefrom is the coitus (third house) leading to conception. We can examine this conception in our eleventh house to see how strong our creation is. Similarly, parents can examine their contribution from the third house and more specifically the Ārūḍha of the third house (A3).

  • Sahaja is the immunity derived from parents or genes. This comes before birth and arises from conception. The eleventh house from Sun shows this.
  • Kalaja is the immunity derived due to age, season or such factors. This is seen AFTER birth and arises due to the world we live in as well. The eleventh house from Moon shows this.
  • Yuktikruta is the immunity caused by our actions. This is examined from the eleventh house from Lagna.


HIV is a new disease; some have suspected it to be an engineered disease. Being a virus the body cannot develop the disease on its own. Instead, it can be inherited from parents (Sahaja- eleventh house from Sun) or acquired through exposure (yutikruta- eleventh house from Lagna).

According to interpretations of the Ayurvedic treatise, Madhava Nidhan, AIDS  was predicted to enter the world at a given time and has been termed kṣaya. This same term has been popularly attributed to tuberculosis, but Ayurveda explains that any disease which is not properly treated can lead to the stage of Kṣaya. It is at this stage that HIV has become AIDS.

This is considered an ‘end-stage’ respitory condition vitiating all three doṣa (tri-doṣic) of the body. Such a disease is considered rajayakṣmādi or king of diseases (refer Lance Roehrig, Ayurvedic College).

Parāśara and Jaimini attribute kṣaya disorders to the yoga of Rāhu and Mars. In addition we should expect the disease giving planets (sixth lord, eighth lord or badhakeśa) to be placed in a tridoṣic sign in the Trimśāmśa (D-30). For this purpose we will be examining Parāśara’s Trimśāmśā.

Chart 3: Rock Hudson


With Virgo Lagna, sixth lord Rāhu is placed in Cancer, aspecting debilitated Moon with Sun. Moon is significantly weak in the chart and can give terrible health and illness due to its position and indicates a disease in the blood (raktadhātu).

As Moon is the eleventh lord it is affecting the immune system due to own actions. Moon is in a sign of Mars and aspected by Rāhu linking the kṣaya indications. Finally, sixth lord Rāhu, which was the bringer of the disease, is in Mercury’s Trimśāmśa (D-30) on Lagna causing the tridoshic nature of the illness. We have herein all the prerequisites for AIDS.

Hudson died of lymph cancer, a complication of AIDS, on October 2nd 1985, 9:00AM, Hollywood, CA, USA.

Chart 4: Keith Allen Haring


Eighth lord Rāhu is joned sixth lord Jupiter in Libra suggesting a type of cancerous disease. Developed Kaposi Sarcoma (cancer) on his leg (exchange with Pisces). Should also have had dentition or bone problems (refer Nodal conjunctions: HIV Part 1).

Rāhu’s exchange with eleventh lord Venus gives the immune system problems. Being the eleventh lord from Lagna, this is caused due to exposure or own actions. Rāhu aspects Moon in Scorpio and can bring blood problems. This is a prerequisite for HIV and AIDS. Moon is under Papakartari as well showing the severity of the blood disorder. Being in Mars’ sign aspected by Rāhu justifies the Kṣaya disorder. This can indicate a terrible illness.

Finally we need to examine the Trimśāmśa chart. Rāhu being the sixth lord should have indicated the doṣa of the disorder, but the exchange with badhakeśa Venus causes the illness to be brought by Venus (Rath, 2003). Venus being in a sign of Mercury in Trimśāmśa shows the tridoṣic nature of the illness and satisfies the criteria for being AIDS.

Haring died of AIDS at 31, having a cardiac arrest on February 16th 1990 at precisely 4:40 AM, New York, NY, USA

to be continued…

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