Immune system disorders: HIV/AIDS – Part 4

Cause of infection

If the eleventh house from Moon gets involved in the disease, the immune system disorder is not due to own actions but can be due to environment or even doctors/hospitals where recuperation occurs. Instead eleventh from Lagna indicates own (inter)actions bringing about the disease.

The sign or planets in the eleventh from Moon/Lagna should be examined from the Lagna to ascertain the exact cause of infection. The afflicted benefic is the one who will bring the curse! We need to examine its placement and lordship to know who is carrying the disease into one’s life.

Chart 5: Stephane Gaudin


At first glance, the sixth lord Moon with Venus in own sign doesn’t look bad at all! Moon and Venus are within 1 degree of each other forming planetary war. Venus has higher longitude and declination as Moon has a higher latitude. Venus wins and as a result the defeated sixth lord will now give a difficult blood disease.

There exists clear association of of Rāhu and Mars to form the kṣaya yoga with the Moon. However, notably Kāla Sarpa Yoga exists placing all grahas under the grasp of Rāhu. Rāhu receives Graha Dṛṣti of no other graha than Mars. This results in an intense Kṣaya Kāla Sarpa Yoga to ALL grahas in the chart.

With Venus being eleventh lord from Moon the issue arises in the immune system and specifically during ones recovery or environment. Venus is also fourth lord from Lagna suggesting medicine or vaccinations as being the cause. Doctors in a blood-clinic mistakenly gave AIDS contaminated blood to the child in an attempt to assist with Stephane’s haemophillia (fourth lord – attempt to cure).

Moon is not in the D-30 portion of Mercury, but being in the eighth in the D-30 brings very deadly diseases.

Stephane died of AIDS at age 15, June 2nd 1993, 10:00 AM MEDT, La Batie-Division, France.

Chart 6: Laurant Gaudin


The eleventh house from Moon houses a curse of Brahmin, due to the affliction of Jupiter by Saturn and Rāhu. Jupiter being the fourth lord again points towards a problem from medication, vaccinations or the likes.

Sixth lord Saturn is with Jupiter bringing the disease and suggests a cancerous disease affecting the immune system. The papakartari yoga of Rāhu and Mars upon Jupiter is quite severe and can give kṣaya doṣa – an important requirement for AIDS.

A most innocent victim of the AIDS battle, doctors gave AIDS contaminated blood to the child and his brother, in an attempt to assist with Laurant’s haemophillia.

However, an important requirement for AIDS is the affliction of the Moon, which is solely caused by sixth lord, Saturn’s, aspect upon the Moon. Whilst this can justify a blood disease, the Moon has to be more afflicted. Notably, the three preceding signs from the Moon are conjoined Sun, Rāhu, Saturn, Mars and Badhakeśa Jupiter showing a stunned Moon, unable to function in the chart! The dur-malika yoga caused by the planets speaks well of Laurants Haemophillia and the later AIDS infection.

Badhakeśa Jupiter brings the disease in this case, due to its conjunction with the sixth lord. Jupiter is not placed in a Trimśāmśa of Mercury, and hence we need to examine its placement or lordship in the first or eighth houses to cause fatal disease. At first glance this is not the case, however the eighth house being Leo cannot house any planets in the Parāśara Trimśāmśa, and instead we examine the eighth therefrom, namely the third house Pisces which is lorded over by Jupiter. This lordship makes Jupiter the acting eighth lord and being the cause of disease in the Rāśi (D-1) chart brings a fatal disease which neither the child nor his brother recovered from.

Laurent died of AIDS at age 11, January 31st 1992, 2:05 AM MET, La Batie-Division, France.

Chart 7: Arthur Ashe


In the chart of Tennis player, Arthur Ashe, Badhakeśa Jupiter is afflicted by Mars (eighth lord), Saturn (sixth lord) and Rāhu (sixth lord). Being in eleventh house from Moon can bring immune system problems due to environment or during recovery from illness. Rāhu and Mars’ participation hints at a Kṣaya problem. Further being in the sign of Cancer indicates a blood disease.

Jupiter is fourth lord and he was given AIDS contaminated blood during a routine heart bypass surgery!

Being the badhakeśa Jupiter will give the disease and is lord of the first house in the Trimśāmśa and placed in a Tridoshic Trimśāṁśa of Virgo.

Ashe died of AIDS on February 6th 1993, 3:13 PM EST, New York, NY, USA. Founding the Arthur Ashe AIDS Foundation prior to his demise, his memory lives on to help in the battle of AIDS.

After thoughts

It is evident that the following combinations repeat in the given charts.

  • Moon, Venus in own sign or Venus joined a node, must be joined or afflicted by the sixth or eighth lords.
  • The eleventh houses from either Sun, Moon or Lagna must be involved with the disease causing planets to indicate an immune system disorder.
  • Mars and Rāhu must be involved with the Moon or Venus to give AIDS, and these Moon or Venus must be involved with the disease causing houses (see above).
  • Finally, the sixth or eighth lords, whichever is involved in causing the disease, must be in a Trimśāṁśa (D-30) of Mercury, or that of the first or eighth lords in the same divisional chart. Should the Badhakeśa be joined either of the lords, then instead examine its Trimśāṁśa (D-30)

Points worth studying are, what differentiates a chronic/reoccurring disease from that of other diseases and whether the Navāṁśa (D-9) or other divisional charts holds any sway in disease analysis. We leave these topics to future expositions on the topic of illness, and hope this work encourages and pleases the reader to investigate the connections between Jyotish and health further.

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