This publication is the second edition of my previous publication; ‘My Masters Words’, written in 2003. These publications come as a promise to my teacher; Pt. Sanjay Rāth, who wanted the tradition of Jyotiṣa to be known and recognized in India as well as abroad.

Jyotisa Fundamentals 2nd ed. cover

With the first edition being sold out and largely unavailable, this 2nd edition has been publshed in a hard-cover version, in a larger binding and spanning 386 pages.

As solicited by the readers, the book in its second edition has been expanded to include much more information on Pañcāñga. Herein each limb of the Pañcāñga has been elaborated upon based on the work and teachings of Pt. Sanjay Rāth. Every section of the Pañcāñga chapter has been expanded upon. In sections where this authors own observations come to fore it has been clearly mentioned. However, it must be clearly mentioned that the entire knowledge existing in this book has arisen due to the teachings of my Jyotiṣa Guru Pt. Sanjay Rāth.

Initially an entire book on Pañcāñga had been planned, spanning two hundred pages in its raw form before deciding to add select portions of it to the second edition of this book. This new edition of the book has been structured to prepare students to appreciate and understand the working use of Pañcãñga in the birth chart, and sets the foundation for future releases on the topic of especially Pãñcāñga.

In subsequent chapters care has been taken to correct previous layout and scripting errors and improving language. Some charts have been removed to avoid repetition while some have been added, in select sections, to add more detail and understanding of the principles at hand.

Nine years have passed since the contents of this book first were written, and this time through learning the deeper tenants and principles of Jyotiṣa through Mahaṛṣi Parāśara Horā Śastra and Mahaṛṣi Jaimini Kṛtam Upadeśa Sutram, as taught in the tradition, certain sections of the book have been refined to suit and ease the learning of Jyotiṣa who participate in such courses or study.

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In agreement with the previous publisher, Sagittarius Publications, the current edition has been published by RĀMA a part of Shri Garuda.