Chart 1: Male


In the given chart, all the grahas exist between the nodes. Rāhu heads the grahas, and thus the yoga is kāla sarpa yoga. Rāhu is placed in the lagna and being the sixth lord can show enmity and disruption within the family. Kāraka for the sixth house and relatives is Mercury and is placed in the ninth from Rāhu showing durbhagya and bad planning. This would especially be with regards to paternal relatives, i.e. paternal uncles, etc. and these will be mainly financial issues as Rāhu is the culprit and enemy of dhanakāraka Jupiter. As a result of which though the native’s paternal family was of a considerable good standing and financially sound, they lost a considerable amount of money invested in their businesses, and their wealth was squandered on bad investments.

The timing can be ascertained from the progression of Guru. Jupiter’s vimśottari length is 16 years, and based on its placement we can progress the planets forwards or in reverse. Jupiter is placed in the tenth which will be the 16th year of the native. Progressing backwards to Ketu’s house, we will arrive at the 13th year as being that of the instigation of the kāla sarpa yoga. The financial problems occurred mainly due to the inflation arising during the wars in Yugoslavia during the early 90’s, which was during the natives early teens from 12-15 years of age.

Jupiter’s house Age
Tenth 16th
Ninth 15th
Eighth 14th
Seventh 13th

This put the native’s family into a tight financial situation for a long time, and with the yoga occurring along the first/seventh house axis it also negatively affected the natives aspirations whilst growing up, leading to a more escapist and hippie-type behavior.

When the 19th year came and Jupiter progressed over Rāhu, the native began taking on a more spiritual interest in life and learnt to meditate. Despite the kāla sarpa yoga’s grip over the material prosperity, the Moon is placed in trines to Ketu in the natal chart and shows a strong spiritual bent of mind in the native, and shows a spiritual person gripped by issues of material instability. Further, Lagneśa joined either Sun, Moon or Jupiter will make the person attempt to fight the Kala Sarpa Yoga and head towards an agenda that is dharmic. Though studying foreign languages and financial administration, the native left their studies prematurely due to lack of interest.

However, despite the native’s background the placement of Rāhu in the ninth from arūḍha  lagna would not deny support to him. The native’s father offered to start a joint business of selling lamps (Mars lords the eleventh from arūḍha lagna showing source of gains). The offer came and the business was implemented during the vimśottari period of Mercury daśa, Rāhu antaradaśa. The business continued for a bit over a year, but by the end of Rāhu antaradaśa the business had to declare financial bankruptcy. So even whilst trying to support, the negativity of the kāla sarpa yoga again bound the person further into financial problems.

At this juncture the native approached this scribe seeking to move abroad in seek of greater opportunities. Though realizing that such a request could be somewhat unrealistic keeping in mind the kāla sarpa yogas placement, this scribe analyzed that the next antaradaśa of Jupiter looked extremely fruitful. As no planets join either of the nodes, nor the first or seventh houses, the remedy is only through the two gurus: Jupiter and Venus.

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Merc MD: 1994-03-01 (9:07:51 am)

Antardasas in this MD:

Merc: 1994-03-01 (9:07:51 am)

Ket: 1996-07-30 (11:45:14 am)

Ven: 1997-07-27 (2:40:03 pm)

Sun: 2000-05-25 (1:25:06 pm)

Moon: 2001-03-31 (7:18:40 am)

Mars: 2002-09-03 (8:08:48 am)

Rah: 2003-08-31 (11:52:45 am)

Jup: 2006-03-16 (11:00:40 am)

Sat: 2008-06-22 (7:59:12 pm)

Jupiter is lord of the bādhaka house promising foreign travel and being joined the ninth lord Venus in the tenth house, it promises great success in all works and the opportunity to escape the bondage of the kāla sarpa yoga. The twelfth from the kāraka lagna (ātmakāraka) shows the bondage experienced in this life, and being that Venus itself lords this and is joined benefic Jupiter, it promises the blessings of Viṣṇu to arrive in the dasa.

Jupiter is also seventh lord and being Joined ātmakāraka Venus it shows an excellent wife with strong character, and blessings arising from the same. It’s quite apparent from the chart that the wife would be quite instrumental in bringing the blessings of the daśa, and that she will do so through the blessings of Jupiter – Sri Tara Mahāvidyā.

This scribe asked the native to wait until the dasa of Jupiter arrived before making a decision about foreign settlement. Also it was predicted that not only would foreign voyage be possible during Jupiter antaradaśa, but because Venus was the second lord placed in the tenth, the native would become the head of an organization (simhāsana yoga) and it would be one linked to spirituality (ātmakāraka), education/knowledge (seventh lord – Śiva) and the community (fourth lord – Viṣṇu). The blessings of elders and preceptors was also quite apparent due to the ninth lord being joined Jupiter. However, a warning was given to the native that with all these blessings, the native may find himself travelling away from their spouse because these benefics were placed in the sixth from arūḍha lagna. This was quite apparent as Venus in the tenth house promotes travelling for work.

True to the prediction, 3 months into the advent of Jupiter antaradaśa, the native was appointed as a principle teacher of astrology within his organization, and later went on to head the organization. He earns through his astrology practice which requires him to travel away from home for a few days of the week to tend to clients (seventh lord), of which ladies are the greatest supporters (Venus,) and students (Venus-Mercury parivartana) in the various parts of the country. With this the native was also given the opportunity to travel abroad, but instead of settling in a foreign country decided to settle in a different town south-east (Venus) from their home.

Lagneśa in the ninth house with the twelfth lord Sun, will eventually give foreign residence. It would only be a question of time before such a transition occurs, and it would be through some formal specialization due to the ninth house placement. The native took an education within health care and re-settled his entire family in Germany!

These blessings all came in full to the native due to the blessings of Sri Tārā. As ascertained above, the wife could be instrumental in bringing these blessings, and for the sake of analysis the wife’s chart is presented below.

Chart 2: Lady


Just as in the case of her husband, this lady also has kāla sarpa yoga, showing how birds of the same feather do in fact flock together. In this case the yoga is along the fifth and eleventh house axis showing how the main issue is due to the children, supporters, etc. Jupiter is placed in the twelfth from Rāhu and can show loss or a similar event occurring.

The Moon, despite being in trines to Rāhu, would not support a materialistic agenda, being involved in a Pravrājya yoga. Instead the native is highly spiritual, meditates and had even voiced thoughts of living a monastic life.

Progressing Jupiter forward in a similar manner as above, we find that Jupiter arrives at its 17th year (16 years completed) when Jupiter touches Rāhu. At this juncture an unfortunate incident happened which changed the ladies views of having children. This also set the scene for the kāla sarpa yoga to start and for another 12 years (Jupiter’s full progression), the native though being in a stable relationship had a highly unsettled life. The native travelled a lot during this time but was finding it difficult to settle down in one place, and issues of income also were great concerns as the nodes occupy the second and eighth houses from the Ārūḍha Lagna.

Saturn is joined Rāhu and as a remedy also shows the following of sorrow afterwards, and hence cannot be advised as a remedy. Four planets join in the lagna, and do show the opportunity for the remedy, but this also forms pravrājya yoga and can cause the native to renounce life all together. Jupiter is the only one fit to really break the kāla sarpa yoga, and the native was advised by her Guru to take up the worship or Sri Ekajatā Mahāvidyā – one aspect of Śrī Tārā.

The lady took up the worship very seriously and through continuous and intense worship she got married and settled down in her 27th year, despite several financial concerns on the husband’s part. She did this following the completion of a university degree which had taken her seven years to finish. One year later the yoga reached its completion when in her 28th year, after almost the full circle of 12 years from the yoga’s instigation, she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, who was symbolically named ‘Tara’.

The natives 29th year arrived with the pleasant news of new and stable property, good financial standing and happy family life, showing how the kāla sarpa yoga’s full circle of 12 years had been completed.

to be continued…