Chart 3: Male

Kala Sarpa Yoga chart 3

Kala Sarpa Yoga chart 3

The native of the given chart is also born with kāla sarpa yoga. All planets are between the nodes, and Rāhu leads the pack. Rāhu is in the ninth house, and we can infer that the main issues will be that of 1) father, 2) dharma, 3) guru, 4) luck/bhagya and 5) education. Rāhu is the ātmakāraka as well, and a strong spiritual bent on life will be seen through the kāla sarpa yoga.

The Sun is the kāraka for father and is placed in the ninth from Rāhu. This doesn’t show loss, but can show problems in the relationship with father, and Rāhu specifically highlights the issue being due to not listening to or rejecting father’s advice. Further, Rāhu is involved in the conjunction with three other planets, among which two are the dire malefics Mars and Saturn, showing that the relationship with father can also be colored by anger (Mars) and sorrow (Saturn) respectively. As a result of which the native had considerable disagreements and fights with their father, mainly on topics of livelihood. Many of which the native was quite headstrong in his decisions, and led to more problems. These planets are notably in the fifth from arūḍha lagna showing that the native can attract wrong support and associations in life.

Thankfully the trinal placement of the Sun promises no break in the relationship between the native and their father, but since Rāhu is the ātmakāraka it can also show that a considerable shock may be experienced by the native during these times, and will mark a change in attitude of the native… The lessons of the ātmakāraka are always learnt well, after which the native either accepts their punishment and becomes God-fearing, or refuses to accept their punishment and become vengeful and bitter towards the world and God.

Jupiter is the kāraka for Guru and higher education and is joined Rāhu and the other malefics. This can show differences with the Guru as well as disjointed education and particularly in matters of character, health and personality, which will be the main issues of the native. Here it should be learnt that our close friends, loved ones and even the worst enemies hold no flaws as they also are souls living a material existence. Instead the flaw is in our own karma, which causes us to experience the karmic punishments through our mutual associations with each other.

Jupiter is joined the node, and shows that the 16th year itself can instigate the kāla sarpa yoga. During this time the native had been quite unruly, and the influence of friends as well as the disinterest in education and other related matters took to a new height.

The eighth lord from ātmakāraka shows the punishment of Śiva, and in this case is Jupiter who is afflicted in the mentioned yoga. The sixth lord from ātmakāraka shows the sins which created us and acts like Brahmā in the chart. When the two are joined in a malefic yoga, it surely promises swift and intense punishment due to our own failings, just as Siva burnt one of Brahmas heads when Brahmā was committing the sin of taking his own daughter as a wife.

The effects will definitely be felt on the native since Jupiter is also lagna lord. The years of the planets joined Rāhu will reveal some important incidents:

Mars rules the 7th year (vimśottari), and its higher multiple is the 14th year (2×7) was when the native had an ear operation and later some severe stomach problems (Leo) which till today are undiagnosed.

Saturn rules the 19th year (vimśottari length – Brahmā) during which the native was hit by a car, and then hospitalized for 3 weeks (Mars), and then was bedridden for 3 months at home. The most severe damage was to the hand (3rd/9th axis affects hands and legs, especially when Saturn or Rāhu afflict the Sun) which required considerable amount of surgery to bring back some of its function.

When Jupiter progressed over Ketu, the native’s life took a turn for the better. This was during the natives 22nd year during which he began meditating, and became very spiritual and God fearing. However, with all the malefic in the ninth house, the adharma they cause was surely going to continue the bad luck in his life. This showed up in problems in getting stable employment, and the native gave up his education as well, becoming a financial burden towards his parents and siblings.

Notably education is of considerable issue in cases of kāla sarpa yoga, as the kāraka for the higher education is Jupiter, who is a dire enemy to Rāhu.

Luckily the native was given initiation into the worship of Sri Tara in his 27th year, after considerable worship with guru-mantra over one year’s time. Following the initiation into Tara sadhana, the native is now the main bread earner in the family, and runs a stable astrology-consultation practice along with teaching. He has regained much of the strength of his hands. He has also entered into a long term relationship, and recently his 28th year has also begun coinciding with the hope of the entering into a more permanent bond.

Chart 4: Lady

Kala Sarpa Yoga, chart 4

Kala Sarpa Yoga, chart 4

The planets reside between the nodes in this case, yet unlike the previous cases Ketu leads the planets thus forming kāla amṛta yoga. This is formed along the second/eighth house axis showing the bondage being mainly that of money, family, debts, inheritance, disease, deaths, etc.

The native’s family saw considerable sorrow during the Yugoslavian wars, particularly including the loss of mother, paternal grandmother and grandfather. Due to the same war a large land-inheritance had been deprived of the native. We see that from the fourth lord Jupiter, Rāhu in the twelfth from it shows some type of loss. Mars in the eighth from the fourth house can suggest loss of land or property.

Ketu is the head of the yoga and being in the second and having the kārakas for wealth (Jupiter) and family (Moon) in the eighth from it showed the particular issues arising. Just as in the previous cases again the education was delayed as it took seven years to complete it.

Where we used Jupiter to specifically time the length and major events of the kāla sarpa yoga, we will use Venus for the same purpose in the case of kāla amṛta yoga. Venus is joined Rāhu showing that the 20th year was a major highlight in the person’s life, or the 14th year when Venus progressed over Ketu. It was in the 14th year when the native lost their mother during the raging wars in Croatia.

Ketu is in the sixth from ātmakāraka Jupiter, showing that the reason for these issues are due to inherent ripu/sin. Ketu is also the fourth lord from Jupiter showing that the anger of the divine mother also played an important role in the family’s devastation. Jupiter is lagna lord as well, and with a planet in the sixth from it, it does show that these incidents left a scar on this lady’s memories, as she had been instrumental in discovering her mother’s remains.

Venus is also the only planet breaking the kāla amṛta yoga by being joined one of the nodes, showing the sister, aunt or even of marriage are important ties to ensure the bonds of the kāla amṛta yoga are broken. Thankfully the maternal aunt played the role of a supporting mother and also helped the lady engage in more spiritual practices; showing how Venus always played an important role in breaking the bonds of the kāla amṛta and leading a more spiritually aware life.

Yet, the native did not live close to their aunt and was required to travel to keep this connection alive. A large spiritual support group (spiritual family-second house) was instead instrumental in her further spiritual awakening.

However, it was not until one year before the full cycle of 12 years reached its completion in her 25th year, when she met her husband to be. The lady was given initiation into Sri Kamalātmikā Sadhana in her 25th year, and subsequently one month after completing the first 40 days of sadhana, the lady met her husband to be. Venus receives digbala from the arūḍha  lagna, and thus the south-eastern direction would be very auspicious to travel in. She did so and after one and a half year she was proposed to and married in her 27th year. Her financial insecurities were then solved, and she has seen a much happier relationship with her family due to her marital bond.

to be continued…