ॐ गुरवे नमः
Dear All, I can now once again announce a new
opportunity for all to learn the Maharishi Jaimini Krtam Upadesha
Sutram in Europe. I am taking new students who wish to learn the sacred
and most secretive Jaimini Sutras which helps astrologers become real
masters in astrology, and also help them to understand the spiritual
aspects of Jyotish in enormous depth. This is a real entry into the Vedas from a Jyotish angle.

The course lasts for a minimum of four years during which you besides learning Jyotish will be given Mantras, Sadhanas and detailed spiritual knowledge from the Oḍiya tradition.The course beholds real essential knowledge for astrologers to learn to become excellent practitioners of Jyotish.

Those who are selected would have to meet the following
requirements:Workshop attendance. Once a year for a period of almost
2-3 weeks attendance for the Jaimini workshop is required. This will
be held in the vicinity of Copenhagen, Denmark, or neighboring Malmö,
Tuition fee is paid on a monthly basis, unless otherwise agreed upon,
with a fee of EUR 75 €, thus totaling EUR 900 € per year. There is no registration fee. Modes of
payment include bank transfer or paypal transactions.Participation in
the online lessons which have deadlines once a month.

To apply please fill out the application form attached. I am reviewing
applications for the next 15 days following which the course will
begin. Feel free to redistribute this mail to anyone whom you feel
would benefit from joining this course.
Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen
Jyotish Guru (Vedic Astrologer)
www: https://srigaruda.com
www2: http://thejyotishdigest.com
@: visti@srigaruda.com