हरे राम कृष्ण
Dear Jitu, Namaskar.
In truth every Sankranti has significance, as does every New and Full Moon, where the significance is derived from the Sun sign wherein the event occurs.
Specifically Makara Sankranti (Sun entering Capricorn) marks the beginning of the Deva-Ayana. In the tropical zodiac it implies increasingly more sunlight on the north pole, whilst in the Sidereal zodiac it is a spiritual light instead where the Deva are blessing. Jyotishas regard this as special significance during this time as God distributes the ability of divine sight (natural tenth house of vision/sight is Makara) to the Jyotishas during this time.
Mesha Sankranti (Sun entering Aries) is regarded as the begining of the Deva-Varsha where the year of the Deva begins. Those holding any military, ruling or administrative power in a country are specifically blessed during this time.

The one holding the blessing is the King/Indra (New Moon) or the Guru/Brhaspati (Full Moon). The New Moon chart in Aries is therefore ascertained to see how the ruling power will fair during the year, whilst the Full Moon in the same sign will indicate how the people will be affected. These are like the natural Tithi Praveshas for the world.
Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen
Jyotish Guru (Vedic Astrologer)
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Jitendra Trivedi skrev:

पुज्य गुरुदेव

Respected Gurudev

We all know the physicial part of the “makar sankraant” that the Sun enter the Capricorn/Makar Sign on January 14th each year. However the vedic astrological significance of the event/festival is lesser know to me (& general masses)

I request you to kindly enlighten us by giving us divine astrological explanation of this event significance and its results to masses.