Hello every one,
I have a query. I am very much interested in Jyotish and my name is jyoti. Based on this similarity is it possible to rectify my chart?! I don’t know if my DOB is Feb 20 or FEB 21 at 2 am , 1970 ,Tilda (durg,chattisghar india).





ॐ गुरवे नमः

Dear Jyoti, Namaste.
It is indeed possible. Here is a secret from the tradition:
The first step is using Kaṭapayādi Varga and ascertaining your Nāma Rāśi.
ज्योति consists of ज य ओ त इ of which we exclude the swara (vowels) leaving ज य & त. Of these ज is only half and therefore य & त remain. The numerological equivalents of these are 1 and 6 respectively. Reversing (Ketu) these numbers we attain 61. Removing multiples of twelve (āditya) from 61 we get 1 as the remainder and Aries/Meṣa as your Nāma Rāśi.
Now, Aries will be our source of reference in your chart and we need to find a connection between your birth time and Aries.
To do this we refer to your degree of Lagna. At 2 AM your Lagna degree is 27:1 degrees of Scorpio. Divide this by 2 and round up to the next integer. I.e. 27:1 divided by 2 is 13:30:30 which rounded up gives 14. This integer is one of the twelve houses from Lagna, and if larger than 12, as in this case, simply remove multiples of 12. The result is therefore 2 or second house, which in your case is Sagittarius.
Now we need to combine the results of our Lagna-calculation and the nāma rāśi.
Sagittarius has no grahas and its lord is placed in Libra. We see no direct link to Aries in this case. Therefore we can either move the time forward or backward to shift the lagna degree so the sign of linkage is either Capricorn or Scorpio. Specifically Capricorn has its lord Saturn placed in Aries and is a very strong and clear link.
To do so your Lagna degree must be just above 28 degrees.
At 28 degrees your Shastyamsa Lagna moves to Cancer. The lord Moon is placed in Aquarius or Capricorn (depending on Ayanamsa) and in the Hoḍa Chakra Capricorn contains the first letter of your name. This is correct.
Therefore your Lagna degree should be between 28:00-28:30. This confirms a) your name, b) the first syllable of your name, and c) since in the D-60 Ketu’s dispositor, Venus, is joined the Lagna you are also studying Jyotish.
I hope this helps.
Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen
Jyotish Guru (Vedic Astrologer)