ramalogoOnline Jyotiṣa Workshops held by Visti Larsen at RAMA (http://www.rama-edu.com). Visti Larsen holds lectures on various topics of Vedic Astrology once a month. The topics cover the widest range available online and are taught as per the principles of the tradition of Śrī Achyutānanda Dasa. Access to previous workshops as well as subscription to future events is available herein.

Workshop participation occurs through skype (To get it go to: http://www.skype.net), and will require speakers or headphones to listen and a microphone to participate. Each session consists of slide presentations and the presentations as well as discussions are recorded and published in the Rāma website following each session for others to benefit.

The online sessions occur once a month, where the first session begins 22nd January 2012. The fee for each session is EUR 51 € payable upon enrolment to each monthly session. The price is the same for those who wish to access the presentations following the sessions occurence.