Shri Vamana - Sampradaya SunŚrī Vāmana is the Avatara of Viṣṇu, and as per Parāśara Muni Jupiter is associated with Śrī Vāmana. The Ṛg Veda worships him as the one who establishes and upholds dharma in three steps. In this form he is known as Śrī Trivikrama:

त्रीणि पाद वि चक्रमे विष्णुर्गोपा अदाभ्यः। अतो धर्माणि धारयन्॥
trīṇi pāda vi cakrame viṣṇurgopā adābhyaḥ| ato dharmāṇi dhārayan||

A popular mantra from the Bhagavad Puraṇa is the 12 syllable:

ॐ नमो भगवते दधिवामनाय।
om namo bhagavate dadhivāmanāya|

Astrologically, Śrī Vāmana is specifically worshipped in the following cases:

  • Jupiter placed in the 12th house from Lagna, in any sign. [This gives great karma, leading to moksha and elates the soul]
  • Jupiter in exaltation in any house without retrogression. [This is the appropriate way to approach Jupiter in exaltation]
  • Jupiter in the 9th house from Kārakāmśa (Chara Ātmakāraka in Navāmśa), or if the sign is empty, the 9th lord from Kārakāmśa. [Here Jupiter is worshipped as Dharma Devata to give knowledge and give perfect direction in life]
  • Mercury in the 3rd Drekkana (from 20-30 degrees of any sign) and alone in Sagittarius/Pisces or joined Jupiter. [Mercury in the three drekkana indicate Śrī Rāma, Śrī Kṛṣṇa and Śrī Viṣṇu respectively. Śrī Harihara of Praśna Marga advises that for Mercury in the 3rd Drekkana any Avatara can be chosen depending on the conjunctions or if alone, the dispositor of Mercury respectively]

Six mantras have be derived from the Meru Tantra for the interest, study and delight of readers.