Śrī Vāmana Mantra (Meru Tantra)


Meru Tantra

तारो नमो भगवते विष्णवे च दशाक्षरः॥ ३७२॥
tāro namo bhagavate viṣṇave ca daśākṣaraḥ || 372 ||

Translation: om namo bhagavate viṣṇave is the 10 syllable mantra.

10 syllable Mantra: ॐ नमो भगवते विष्णावे। om namo bhagavate viṣṇāve|

संयुक्तः पूर्वमन्त्रश्चेद्भवेद्द्वाविंशदर्णकः॥
saṁyuktaḥ pūrvamantraścedbhaveddvāviṁśadarṇakaḥ ||

Translation: Joined with the previous mantra makes it 22 syllables.

22 syllable Mantra: ॐ नमो भगवते विष्णावे सुरपतये महाबलाय स्वाहा। om namo bhagavate viṣṇāve surapataye mahābalāya svāhā|


ऋषिः कपिल आख्यातो गायत्रं चन्द ईरितम्॥ ३७३॥
उदीरितः सर्ववन्द्यो देवता भोगवामनः॥
ṛṣiḥ kapila ākhyāto gāyatraṁ canda īritam || 373 ||
udīritaḥ sarvavandyo devatā bhogavāmanaḥ ||

Translation: Kapilarṣi, Gāyatrichandaḥ and Bhogavāmana Devatā are the parts of the Ṛṣyadi nyāsa.


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