Dear All, Namaste.

Thank you to you all who have participated in the RAMA webinars. Your participation, questions and suggestions have made the knowledge content much richer.

In 2013 twelve new webinars will be taking place at RAMA. The topic of the twelve Āditya, or 12 forms of the Sun, will be undergoing each month beginning with February 2013. These lectures are a continuation of the twelve Rāśi-webinars which occured in 2012.

3rd February 2013 – Bhagāditya Webinar


The first Āditya to be covered is that of “Bhagāditya”, the tenth form of the Sun. This webinar will commence on Sunday the 3rd of February 2013, at 3 PM CET (Central European Time). The webinar will last for 3 hours. The topics to be covered are:

  • Bhagāditya
  • Bhaga, Bhagavat and Sūrya Bhaga
  • Āditya’s and Gochara – wealth transits
  • Makara Sankrānti

The fee for the webinar is EUR 15 €, payable upon entry at:

Reduced fees for past webinars

In celebration of the year which has passed, each of the 12 Rāśi webinars from 2012 are now being offered at a reduced fee of EUR 15 €. The fee is payable upon entry to each webinar. A full list can be viewed here:

Here’s wishing you all the best for the year ahead, and looking forward to your participation for the Āditya webinars.

Yours sincerely, Visti Larsen.