In 2014, the Regional Academy of Mantra and Astrology (RAMA) begins a new 12-month course on the topic of Rare Jyotish Tools.

The course is taught through 12 online webinars, presented over skype, where each month presents an indepth look into rare and useful Jyotish principles. Principles found in the available scripture and also arising from the Jyotish tradition are covered in detail with the philosophical as well as practical applications of the same.


Students and learners alike can enroll into each webinar individually for a fee of EUR 60 €. Each webinar event date is displayed on the website (, and enrollment prior to the event date allows for participation in the actual webinar, held over skype once a month on a Sunday from 3-6 PM CET (Central European Time).

Workshop participation occurs through skype (To get it go to: Participation will further require speakers or headphones to listen and a microphone to interact. Each session consists of slide presentations. The presentations as well as discussions are recorded and published in the Rāma website following each session for later subscriber to benefit.

The topcs of the Rare Jyotish Tools course are presented hereunder:

# Topic Month Date
1 Sūrya, Chandra and Lagna Karma January 26th
2  Lilavatī’s Ayur daśā February  9th
3 Sūrya-Chandra Yoga Sphuta March 2nd
4 Kuṇḍa Tattva, Kuṇḍa rectification, philosophy of Kuṇḍa and Kuṇḍalini April 6th
5 Nāmarāśi, Varṇarāśi and chart rectification May 4th
6 Kṣetra and Bīja Sphuta June 2nd
7 Sūryāṁśa and Chandrāṁśa July 6th
8 Santana Tithi August 3rd
9 Vārachakra yoga September 7th
10 Kalatra Yoga sphuta October 5th
11 Khara (22nd Drekkana and 64th Navamsha November 2nd
12 Khara and relatives December 7th

Participants are encouraged to shape the content of the online webinars by enrolling into the sessions and contributing charts or questions for the upcoming sessions.

Looking forward to your future participation,

Best Regards, Visti Larsen