RĀMA: Health and Illness Webinars 2015

In 2015 RAMA embarks on the topic of health and illness. 24 webinars this year will encompass topics related to various illnesses, with each illness examined with traditional principles and chart examples. The full syllables can be read at the RAMA site.
Each month contains two webinars priced at EUR 19 € each or EUR 38 € per topic/month. Those wishing to participate or access all 24 webinars will get 4 webinars for free at the total fee of EUR 380 €. To learn more, participate and see more pricing options please visit RAMA.

The next webinar on the topic of “Organ based cancer and body part-analysis”, will be held on Sunday, 18th January at 3PM-4PM CET (Central European Time or +1 GMT). The following on “Metastatic cancer” will be held on Sunday, 1st February at 3PM-4PM CET. To keep updated with the webinar events please see and subscribe to the RAMA-calendar at: [link]

Healing Mental disease

RAMA has completed 37 webinars since its advent in 2011. All  webinar recordings and presentations are available online at http://www.rama-edu.com.

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