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Dear Sir, Namaste.

Do find my answers herein.

Your sister born: 23 Dec 1972, 4:28 AM, Mumbai.

Her Ātmakāraka is Saturn which is well placed in Digbala, however such a person is more interested in worldly pursuits rather than a spiritual agenda. This makes her very compassionate, considerate and a giving lady towards many. The elderly will truly like this lady.

With Saturn being badly placed from Amatyakaraka, Karmeśa, Karmakāraka Mercury, Dhaneśa and Dhanakāraka Jupiter, your sister is not good at earning money or ensuring her own career growth. Like you mentioned, husband also suffers in this way, and she experiences this due to a curse on the Upapada in your sisters chart. Her chart suggests that the husband has a weak character and is easily influenced by others. This puts a lot of strain on your sister.This does require remedies for Hari (Amatyakāraka/Karmeśa – Career, Dhaneśa – wealth).


The Mahadaśā at present is that of Venus, whose Jīva (nakṣatrapati) is Saturn, suggesting these financial and career problems in the family since its advent in 2002. Saturn is further the lord of Vikramabhāva which would cause considerable stress in her life, and with Saturn being Grheśa this is due to home or property. Notably Saturn, Ketu and Moon form a small Malika Yoga, but Saturn and Ketu being malefics end up causing Sarpadoṣa on the Moon. As Moon is the kāraka of cleanliness and purity of body we should expect that one of the problems associated with this period is increasing uncleanliness in the home. This would explain the water problem during this period. With Moon in Libra in the 12th house in Chaturthamśa (D4) this confirms that the property can have water problems.

8-10 years back in 2004 the initial problems with home and place of stay occurred when Saturn was transiting the 10th from Moon in D4. As Saturn was in Cancer, which is the Navamśa (D9) Lagna, this would have affected social circle and marriage at the time. Since Saturn came to Libra 2½ years back the issues body and thus also health-wise would begin due to Libra being the 4th house in D9 and also the sign of Chandrāṁśa. This period would also have caused considerable humiliation for your sister due to Chandrāṁśa. Saturn in Libra aspects Upapada (UL) in Sagittarius showing that husbands character has come under question during this phase.Libra is also a dire phase for your sister in matters of work because of this being the sign of Kantaka in the D10 chart.

In the coming October Saturn will change signs to Scorpio. This will lead to a positive change in your sister’s place of living. This change will begin with the coming Maraka Sankranti from mid-Jan to mid-Feb. A promise of repairs have been given since the recent August and this can be completed during the mentioned phase in Jan-Feb. Moon being the 9th lord (6th from 4th) in the D4 chart shows the repairs and its Pratyantaradaśā has been running since recent August.

The same phase is positive for her work opportunities due to Moon being joined 5th lord in D10. This is also positive for husband and will give a needed peace in the household. Notably this coincides with her Saturn Antaradaśā beginning in the coming May, and we need her to begin meditating before that phase begins, so as to keep her mentally balanced.

My advise to her: based on the Nārāyaṇa daśā she is required to improve her reputation, qualifications, CV and such things, and by doing so make herself more eligible for work. That is what she NEEDS to do. She is a good worker, but she needs to put more energy into her reputation and appearance and this will give her the necessary boost to ensure the families financial stability. Once the water begins to flow again we can engage her in the worship of Vishnu/Hari to solve the remaining problems with husband, work, finances, etc.

​I hope this helps your sister.
Best Regards, Visti Larsen

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 Namaste Sri Visiti,

This group was recommended by one of my close friend and he asked me to seek your advise as he has benefited from the same in the past.


I have two queries and would like to have your kind advice on the same.


I am writing about my sister whose details given above. She has suffered a lot in her life till now. Her husband (name Suhas) date of Birth 01/06/1968 time : 13.00 place Mumbai) has been in and out of jobs and all of the household responsibilities have been borne by my sister for the last 7-8 years or more. Her husband used to earlier do job work on readymade garment stitching and then ventured in to vehicle renting/driving and now was till recently employed through a contractor in a call centre but has lost job as on last week. on top of it as he husband had bad company in old place of residence in virar she shifted to another place in virar but this problem has problem of water in such manner that water comes only 1-2 days a week and with not much pressure. We have been trying to help her but do not much involve as we do not want her in law family to think it is easier to get money from us and let their son do his own way. her inlaws are good and helpful as she has also taken care of them like father and mother. she is employed in a pvt company now with not much monetary or saving benefit. She has two children one boy in XII commerce and another girl in 05th now. in all she has too much stress in life and sometimes keeps telling she is fed of life. Kindly let me know when things will improve and whether her husband will be able to lend her support by getting some good job and also her any good secure job. and the housing issue of water when it will finally be over ? I know too many problems i have listed but please assist in clarifying them and let me know remedies if any to be done. She was till recently working with a redevelopment builder where salary payment is very erratic and no benefits, but  since June 14, she had been laid off due to closure of business and she is now out of job.


On the personal front,  her house is located on second floor but water supply for that building comes from the landlord there for all residents but there is no water pressure and no fixed day of supply and they are unable to attend to basic needs sometimes up to a week like clothes washing, bath, etc.


Your guidance is sought on when her problems on both job and housing issue will be resolved as I fear she may soon lose patience and turn for the worse. From my side, I have tried to help but these are some issues which I also cannot much assist.