Maa Hreem

Visti ji is the epitome of qualities that the Shastras describe a Jyotisha should possess. He is our family Jyotisha for 15 years now. My husband and I have always relied on his wise counsel to make major decisions in life on numerous occasions.He is a spiritualist who is full of amazing knowledge of Shastra and tradition. But what I admire the most in Visti ji is the sensitivity and empathy with which he communicates the karmic possibilities. Visti ji's words - spoken in his usual calm voice - stay with us years and decades after the reading.

As we go through the thick and thin of life his sagacious advise guides us to perform our dharma with an unflinching faith that all would be well because Visti ji has deemed so.We have tremendous respect for Visti ji. There are a very few people in this World outside of family for whom we feel as much gratitude as we do for him. Blessed is a family who is guided by him. May he guide hundreds and thousands of souls in this World to fulfill the four purushaarthas of their lives in the coming years and decades.Aum Tat Sat.