In the previous article ‘Great American Eclipse‘, it was concluded that:

…we are to expect that the next six months will be extremely difficult for individuals within the sphere of governance, especially those with Leo or Aquarius ascendants.

In this article, we examine the impact o the eclipse upon the most important head of state in the USA, Donald J Trump. For this purpose, we need to examine the following principles: somagrahādi, rāśi, grahayuti and sandhyā, as per Bṛhat Samhita. In addition, the tradition adds the examination of Jupiter and Lagna during the eclipse to understand the focus of the eclipse.

(In)auspicious eclipse (somagrahādi)

A solar eclipse will always be preceded or succeeded by a lunar eclipse within 15 days of its occurrence. The order in which they occur sheds light upon the nature of the eclipse being auspicious or inauspicious.

On this occasion, the August 21st, 2017, eclipse, was preceded by a lunar eclipse. The effects given are:

People become wicked and unjust in behaviour, and there will be disharmony among couples1.

The indications imply separative behavior among people in the world. This is further applied in birth charts to examine the nature of the effects. Should such a rift-causing eclipse occur, then any planets conjoined with the eclipse-rāśi & eclipse-nakṣatra will be affected. Herein the eclipse-rāśi & eclipse-nakṣatra is that occupied by the Sun during the eclipse. On this occasion, the Sun will occupy 4 degrees of Leo, thus occupying the Rāśi of Leo, and the Nakṣatra of Magha.

Should any among the Lagna, Moon or Ārūḍha Lagna be placed in Leo or Aquarius for any chart, these will be affected for the next 18 years. As the eclipse is a separative-eclipse, the effects upon these are inauspicious. Instead, should the natal Sun be placed in Leo or Aquarius, or any lords of houses therein, then health (sun) or the indications of the lordships joined, will benefit from the separative influence.

Birth chart analysis (rāśi, graha and sandhyā)

In the given chart for Donald Trump, the occupants of Leo and Magha are those of Lagna and Mars. No graha occupies Aquarius. We may thus infer that the indications of Lagna and Mars will suffer, whilst Mars’ lordship will cause benefits. Mars is the significator for siblings, guards, security and military advisors, generals and all matters of policing and security. Mars lords the fourth and ninth houses suggesting benefits in the form of property, home, land as well as fame, name, and various kinds of prosperity.

The Lagna being affected indicates loss of health and intellectual acumen. This makes one prone to negative decisions, bad judgment as well as high degrees of pessimism.

The effects given above will not last for solely 6 months, yet until the next time, Rāhu enters Leo, e.g. for 18 years time. To understand the exact way these effects come to fore, we need to examine the transit of Jupiter and Lagna during the eclipse.

Lagna and Guru Gochara

Whilst we can ascertain that the eclipse affects President Trump, and that it holds both auspicious and inauspicious portents, to understand the exact focus of the eclipse, we need to examine transit Jupiter and Lagna during the eclipse. Herein Jupiter will show the major change occurring in the person’s life and is to be examined from the natal ascendant.

Herein Jupiter is transiting Virgo, the second house from the Lagna of the President. This implies a new beginning or change in the topic of finances, going forward. To understand this in more detail we need to look closer at the positions in the second house of the natal chart. Herein Jupiter again occupies the second house and is aspected by Rāhu and Saturn providing excellent and high financial gain. Saturn specifically gives earnings from oil and minerals as well as hidden money. Rāhu provides wealth from mining and foreign investments. We may expect that these sources will become more pronounced and increase considerably moving forward. Jupiter is opposite its svakṣetra, Pisces, requiring one to leave one’s home to obtain fortune.

The Lagna indicates the major events that will transpire to instigate the aforementioned focus. Here the eclipse Lagna is Scorpio, the fourth house of President Trump, suggesting a focus on home, land, property or the likes. Moon occupies Scorpio and is in Gaṇḍānta, which doesn’t bode well for the people of his country, suggesting a risk of people suffering. Especially with Ketu indicating soldiers. These do not suggest a war or skirmish as the seventh house is not associated strongly with Mars, yet can indicate an issue with safety and insurance for the people. Further, a destabilizing event is evident in home & property matters, due to issues with water as the twelfth lord Moon occupies the fourth house. With the Ārūḍḥa Lagna joined Scorpio, his image and popularity are affected by the events which transpire. With Horā Lagna therein, his financial growth will be immense from this.

Finally, with Moon being the focal point, issues pertaining to the head area are evident in the chart. This can surface as headaches, migraines, bouts of dizziness, lack of awareness, or even mental-health issues. With Mars and Ketu joining/aspecting the Moon this can occur due to accidents or injuries to the head area.

Conclusion and remedies

It is evident that the most difficult parts of the upcoming eclipse, are the impact upon the President’s health, as well as the welfare of his people. Wealth is undergoing a change which will be positive, but be ignited by some negative events in matters of property and real-estate.

Based on the birth chart of the President, we may infer that these effects of health will unfold, and have been unfolding since 2016.

The remedies for health and the effects upon the Moon are Rudrābhiśeka and the Rudra mantras. Hereunder are a selection of such mantras for the benefit of people undergoing similar effects of the eclipse.

namo rudrāya viṣṇave mṛtyormepahi | 13 syllables

om namo bhagavate rudrāya | 10 syllables

om namo bhagavate rudrāya viṣṇave mṛtyormepahi | 18 syllables

Endnotes and References