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हरे राम कृष्ण॥

Dear Nitin and group, Namaskar

dārārūḍhavaśādvadedupapadāttāmādibhāryaṁ tataḥ tattannaidhanabhātsmarākhyapadato yāvacca pāpādikam|
From the arudha of the seventh (darapada/a7) and from the arudha of the twelfth (upapada/UL) we have to find out everything about the first wife. From the eighth houses of these two arudhas we can know about the second wife. – Translation by P.S. Sastri – Uttara Kalamrita Chapter IV, sloka 40


So, to find the subsequent partners see the eighth from the particular pada. Specifically with the darapada we are concerned with ‘vaśā’ which is any woman/partner, wife/spouse, mate, etc. In the tradition we call this all sambandha.

For Upapada we are concerned with bhārya which is specifically the wife. In the tradition we call this Vivaha.

Now, when we analyze the seventh house in the chart we are seeing 1) our approach towards relationships (seventh house in rasi) and 2) our partners characteristics (navamsa) and how he/she relates to you (seventh lord in rasi).
Whereas, the formal agreement of partnership (a7) and marriage (UL) is seen from the specific arudhas. Remember that ‘all things arudha are all things tangible’, i.e. you can measure them or see some formal agreement of the same.

The house/lord of the second from the UL will determine the length of sustenance of the marriage.

However, do not ignore the houses, and when it comes to marriage the twelfth house is extremely important in the chart. Malefics there like Ketu can cause problems in marriage.

Reg. the chart you have posted:
Date: July 25, 1973
Time: 5:45:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 76 E 17′ 00″, 9 N 59′ 00″
Ernakulam, India

Here the twelfth house is occupied by two malefics: Ketu and Saturn. This will not bode well for marriage. Mars and Rahu are in quadrants from this forming a dire sarpa yoga from the twelfth house and marriage perspective, not making the situation easier with lots of passion and disappointments in the physical felicity of the partnerships.

Now, see the upapadas. The first one is in Leo and the second lord Mercury is not involved in the Sarpa yoga, but is combust by the Sun. The issues can be ego problems and the likes. The second Upapada is in Pisces and the second lord therefrom is Mars who is in kendra to the sarpa yoga.

Now note that Saturn is the eighth lord and along with Rahu he has graha dristi on Venus who is forming a curse of spouse from past life. This happens in the second house and we must analyze the lord and karaka for the remedy. The Sun was strong enough to give marriage in the first place due to its lordship of the Upapada hence she can worship Dakshinamurti-Shiva to overcome the problems.

Advise her to worship Dakshinamurti to overcome the curse. Ask her to seek a priest to receive a mantra for the same.
In addition as the curse is that of partner, the best advise to give her is that she must help a couple get married, such as offer money (second house) or donate a bed/sofa to the couple to start their married life in a good way.

Notice that the curse of spouse has been running since 1999, and the dasa/antara of the planets involved in the curse (venus, saturn and rahu) as well as those in the sarpa yoga will carry the problems. Specifically her two broken marriages have fallen in that time and can be timed with the dasa.

Moola Dasa (dasa showing the root of events – past karma):
Sani MD: 1999-07-25 (21:30:00) – 2010-07-25 (17:11:08)
Antardasas in this MD:
Sani: 1999-07-25 (21:30:00) – 2001-01-07 (14:09:59)
Ket: 2001-01-07 (14:09:59) – 2001-05-31 (21:27:22)
Mang: 2001-05-31 (21:27:22) – 2002-03-17 (13:02:43)
Rah: 2002-03-17 (13:02:43) – 2004-06-18 (19:19:27)
Chan: 2004-06-18 (19:19:27) – 2004-09-26 (1:19:25)
Sukr: 2004-09-26 (1:19:25) – 2007-02-11 (6:26:01)
Sury: 2007-02-11 (6:26:01) – 2007-10-14 (10:26:16)
Budh: 2007-10-14 (10:26:16) – 2009-10-09 (13:26:37)
Guru: 2009-10-09 (13:26:37) – 2010-07-25 (17:11:08)

The last among the problematic periods is ending this February, and aptly the remedy for the same has been given now.

I hope this helps.

Yours sincerely,

Visti Larsen