Shazu Hussain

Visti Ji is such a kind, humble and nice person, it was a pleasure speaking with him. I have connected with some astrologers who are immensely knowledgeable but very time conscious and may not do justice, some give you good amount of time but may not know the subject thoroughly; but Visti Ji, is a rare gem, that he not only deeply understands and gives talks about the divine Dharmik and Karmic astrological knowledge, but walks his talk in his session. The dharma of a true astrologer is not about displaying his immense knowledge in the subject, but to be understanding and compassionate about the issues with which the patrons approach them, and with true intentions and patience, correctly analyze their charts and help them out of their karmic sufferings; to be that beacon of guiding light and direct them towards remediation of their issues.

Visti Ji is very honest, has integrity and kind enough to ask you if you are fully satisfied and feel that the session is justified. It's not about the money an astrologer charges, but the genuine intentions with which he/she wants to help you, respects you and take time to analyze your chart, that the right predictions and remedies flow from the divine, through him, to you. It's like the sage Prashara himself is sitting in front of you and reading your chart. That is why some are born to be great astrologers. Words cannot bless enough Visti Ji for the compassion, love and hope that he gave me. May you always shine and be the beacon of light, reliving many from the darkness of karmic sufferings, showing them their path towards everlasting joy! Om Namah Shivaya!