vyāṁ vyāsadevāya namaḥ

Dear Anand, Namaste.

Varga-uttama = vargottama.

Uttamāmśa arises when a planet is strong in 3 vargas. In case of same sign in D1 and D9 you will also find the planet occupying the same sign in Jagannātha Drekkana (J3) ALWAYS. Hence the term vargottama specifically applies to the D1 & D9 and thus implying the J3 as well.

Many stretch the term to other vargas viz-a-viz the D1 which technically we should term varga-pārijāta (strong in 2 vargas is Pārijātāṁśa). However, the meaning of vargottama w.r.t. the D9 differs in the results compared to that of other vargas viz-a-viz the D1.

What differentiates the results of a planet being in the same sign in the D1 viz-a-viz a varga depends on the varga in question, e.g. in D9 its a blessing of good health and intelligence, e.g. an all-round blessing of the lagna/1st house, whereas in D10 it blesses with with the same traits in matters of work alone.

So any vargottama graha enhances the lagna in some way and will give a blessing, despite negatives such as bad sign, etc. Specifically as the Lagna is the head, the divinity who will sit on the head is the Ṛṣi of the graha, and this is the blessing.

E.g. Jupiter vargottama and retrograde in Capricorn in the fifth house gave a person a wonderful spouse (7th lordship) as well as excellent children (5th house and kāraka), as well as an excellent education and job (1st house – vargottama blessing). But the native dabbled in black magic because of Badhakeśa in the house of mantra. In such cases the Ṛṣi will become very negative and the intelligence will go awry thus denying one of the 1st house blessings.

Knowing that the 1st house and the head comes in focus herein we can take this principle to the next step.

The planets placement in the D1 chart is the head of the graha. Treat this sign as Lagna and see where the same graha is placed in the respective varga. The resultant house placement shows which house/limb the graha is affecting. E.g. say Mars is in Cancer D1 and Scorpio D9. This implies that Mars is occupying the 5th house from itself and thus is bringing 5th house results. These usually relate to some type of blessing or fortune such as children or knowledge. Had it instead been Cancer D1 and Libra D9 it could give property. Whether this is a property blessing or property curse depends on the house placement of Mars from Lagna, but the agenda of the graha is ascertained in this way.

Mars Vargottama

Mars Vargottama

Take the given chart of 19th July 1985, 2:35 AM, Mumbai, India.

In the given case Mars is vargottama in Cancer. Mars Vargottama implies the Ṛṣi Kratu is sitting on the natives head and attempting to guide his intelligence and health.

  • Will he benefit from the blessing? Yes, Mars is in Kendra in the D9 showing a real blessing. Being in the 4th house in D9 specifically guides him spiritually, whilst it being 1st lord ensures health and reputation during this. However, its nīca placement in the 4th will cause some issues in marriage.
  • How does it affect the native? Mars in the 3rd house in the D1 with 3 other grahas indicates a weakness of anger from the past life, but being debilitated indicates that this weakness is going away or is being overcome. Hence the blessing is focused on overcoming anger and fighting.
  • How will it manifest? Being in the 6th from Ārūḍha Lagna and weak with Mercury, this will definitely push the person on a path of kriya yoga or the likes, wherein overcoming the senses and perfecting the body and mind is the focus.

Mercury is the Ātmakāraka and it is important to understand that the beginning of non-violence arises from what we say or write. Learning Mauna vrāta and keeping it every day will benefit the native immensely.